I begin with the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

For many years now, there has been a sustained and coordinated campaign to present those holding onto the true teachings of Islam as either being too orthodox, extreme, fanatical, too harsh or even dogmatic.

Many concerned Muslims have been talking about the injustice in these false identities that are deliberately used in labeling those that stand for the truth. These false labels pave way for the liberalists that are more concerned in trying to fit Islam into the modern civilization as against using Islam as the yardstick to judge the legitimacy of any civilization.

Amazingly, in an article written by Bashir Lucas, he made a very instructive submission on the above subject matter. He wrote, “Liberalism is a threat to da’wah in that it presents the da’ee (the one that calls to the true teachings of Islam) as an extremist.” Bashir Lucas

Judging from the statement of Bashir Lucas, you will now understand why most Muslims today are not comfortable with the truth and tend to be more inclined to those that water down the teachings of the Religion in the name of moderation and liberalism.

Look at the pattern of da’awah today, if you want to be popular and loved by all, you go for Liberalism and give modified and even doctored Fatwa (verdicts) to massage the ego of the followers. Hide under differences of opinions, emotional intelligence and then water down the bitter truth then the followers celebrate you.

Instead of having strong Muslims, Liberalism has only succeeded in creating weak Muslims that focus more on the Mercy of Allaah to feel cool about their sins and failures to live upto the standard of being a Muslim. May Allaah strengthen us all.

While the true teachings of Islam call for a balance between fear and hope, Liberalism empowers hope and silences fear.

Liberalism today has created preachers that focus more in pleasing their followers than in standing by the uncompromising truth. So the line of comparison is always between the watered down teachings of the liberal preachers versus the uncompromising truth of the Shariah.

The only way to earn the pleasure of Allaah and to serve as a true inheritor of the Prophet SAW (in calling to Islamic Monotheism) uncompromisingly, is when you tell yourself and others what they NEED to hear and not what they WANT to hear.

Look at the world today, he who preachers Islam from his liberal perspective tend to assume celebrity status and the more followers the more difficult it is to say the bitter truth that will hurt the followers. Hence, a circle of compromise is created.

There will always be those that will accept your message and those that will reject it no matter how liberal you descend. Worse so, Allaah is not pleased with those that sell His verses for a Misrable price of fame or fortune.

When you stick to the truth, majority of people will not like you but they will respect you for standing by what you believe in. Better more, Allaah is pleased with those that speak the truth and stand by it.


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