Last week, we (The Knowislam Media Group) raised an alarm on a Christianization attempt ongoing at the office of the Ogun State Head of Service. Read here

We reported, that, Mrs. Amope Ajibola Chokor, Ogun State Head of Service, strategically placed two banners that read ‘Jesus Rule and Reign Here'(sic) and ‘Jesus Loves You’ in her (public) office. This was discovered when she was paid a courtesy visit by the Ogun State Chapter of Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools (ASUS). 

The reported had generated a lot comments on the social media given a time when the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is campaigning an Islamization attempt that has not been proven yet.

A Christian Pastor, Odueke Oluseyi in his comment on the report, accused of intolerance. Check out his comment below;

This does not affect Islam in any way negative. The banners are definitely personal to the person currently in the office and are not produced by the office or gorvernment(sic). We have cases when prayer grounds/rooms and ablussion(sic) spaces were attached to offices and public places. Should we then not be crying foul of islamisation?(sic) This needless cry against an office holder’s personal believe(sic) shows high level of intolerance by this group called knowislam. Please don’t bring jihadist principles to us here“.

Christian Pastor accuses of intolerance.


For years, Our (Muslims) tolerance has always defined the tolerance of the Christians. It follows that, most Christians will not charge you to tolerance except when it favours him and he has forgone nothing.

It is important to note that everyone has a right to practice their religion, also, the evangelical banners in a public office do not affect Islam anyway. However, we should ask, “If a Muslim puts up such banner in his office with an inscription of similar wording but Jesus changed with to Allah or Muhammad, would this radical pastor beg for tolerance?”

In fact, Muslims in Nigeria are continuously persecuted physically and psychologically in Nigeria. Muslims will not ask for their rights without CAN having a thing or two to say on the contrary. even when there is no agenda to Islamize Nigeria, CAN keeps raising a false alarm. We imagine if a Muslim who holds a Public Office does same, how would CAN react?

Another Christian, Sam Oyabao commented;

Not acceptable. I am a devoted Christian. Offices are for work not preaching.”

At the end of the day, not all Christians are bigots. We want to, again, call the attention of those in authority to do the necessary regarding this religious fanaticism displayed by Mrs. Amope. Public offices are not for evangelism, they do not belong to the Church.

Odueke’s claim of mosques being in Public places is a false equivalence. As there are mosques, so are there Churches. However, Islam is not responsible for the absence of a Church where the question of what denomination of Church should be built erupts. he situation can only be equaled to a situation where a Muslim who holds a public office put up banners in strategic positions to call people to Islam. is not in any way intolerant. However, we are careful of what we accept. Asking Mrs. Amope to get rid of our evangelistic banners in a public office is not intolerance, rather, a call to her insensitivity and religious fanaticism.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman (CEO, Knowislam Project –



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