In a world where marriage (Nikaah) has become expensive and Zina (illegal sexual intercourse) is cheap, even free, two Muslim sisters came up with an idea to make the cost of marriage easier. One does not need to be Archimedes to know that, “the higher the cost of marriage, the cheaper the practice of Zina”.

It is no news that it is becoming increasingly difficult for intending spouses to celebrate their day simply and beautifully. To address this, the sisters are offering to make available,  an avenue for people with low budget to get a free 40-sit modest but beautiful space for their Nikaah that will be done strictly according to the Qur’an and sunnah (no alcohol, music, boobs-out wedding gowns,  etc.).

The hall is located at Akinola Oke Odo, Lagos. It will be available for free, although, once every month. Intending users will be responsible for extra decorations, power and other miscellaneous.

Those who intend to make use of the hall are required to give a notice, six weeks before their marriage.

For enquiries, call: +234 802 363 7802

Terms and conditions apply

Free Nikaah hall
Free Nikaah hall
Free Nikaah hall
Free Nikaah hall


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