He is a very young man, very-very intelligent, loaded with innate ability to score very high marks in whatever he ventures into. I remember many things that he did excellently well in those good old days. When he was in love with music, he was excellent with the mimicking of many foreign songs. When he went into graphic design to make ends meet, he was superb. I remember how he taught me some skillful ways of beautifying cardboards meant for the production of greeting cards. His exploit in GNLD, a networking business further confirms that he is always the best in whatever he ventures into. With the GNLD business, he was on top of the world at a very tender age. No doubt, his success story today in the Academy of Islamic propagation, ACADIP speaks volume about him being a special creation, destined to rule the world and be the very best at whatever he is doing.

Yusuf Olatunde Oladimeji Adepoju was born on the 10th of February, 1975 to the family of Alhaji Jamiyu Adeniyi Isola Adepoju and Alhaja Amdalat Ibidunni Adepoju of Akeyo’s compound, Ilobu. His father and mother are both retired Principals. He attended L. A. Gbobamu Primary School from 1981 to 1986, ADS Grammar School, Erin-Osun from 1987 to 1990 before proceeding to the Government College, Ibadan and he finally completed his secondary education at Fakunle Comprehensive High School, Osogbo in 1994. He studied Physics Electronics at the Federal University of Technology, Akure and graduated in 2001.

It was at FUTA, that he met some talented youths with whom he formed a dawah group with the sole aim of checkmating the alarming rate at which Muslims were fast drifting away from the path of the believers as a result of ignorance and lack of knowledge. The Islamic propagation initially took off at FUTA, later to Akure township, Ondo State generally and today he has stood for what he believes in and has defended it in virtually all the states of the federation with thousands of converts and reverts to Islam. He has also taken this Dawah to 15 different countries; Germany, England, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Rwanda, Morocco, Ghana etc. In the course of propagating Islam he has developed strong working relations with some great world Islamic Comparative preachers like Shiekh Ahmed Deedat, Professor Jamal Badawi, Dr, Dawood Amoo Alaga, Professor Buniyamin Banire, Late Alhaji Yunus Akewewugbajesu and many others.

After 21 solid years of open-air lecture series in the nooks and crannies of Nigeria and beyond, he is very proud to announce that ACADIP has displayed a new order of dynamic and captivating Evangelism, projecting Islam in its natural and undiluted perspective, strengthening the faith of practicing Muslims and also awakening those unwary, lukewarm or rather, the so called nominal Muslims from their slumber.

Yusuf Olatunde Oladimeji Adepoju is currently the Managing Director of Islamic Cultural and Enlightment Centre founded by his father in 1965. He has positioned Ilobu elegantly on world map with his Islamic preachings. He has also succeeded in refining and engaging many Ilobu youths in his Islamic organizations. The security outfit of ACADIP alone parades about 200 officers both native and non-natives.

He is indeed a special breed, showcasing his talents with the mastery of the Bible and the Quran off hand. His command of the Arabic , English and Yoruba languages is enough to arrest his listeners. He is one out of the very many finest young brains that Ilobu is blessed with.

In recognition of his invaluable uplift of Ilobu community and her natives via his Islamic Comparative lectures around the globe, I therefore present Alhaji Yusuf Olatunde Oladimeji Adepoju as an illustrious son of Ilobu asake.



Dare Alabi,
Project Director.



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