<<< THE LAST LINE >>>>

Crying while I’m typing,
Typing while I’m Crying. . .

This is harsh, a dark civility,
Never a trash, a stack  reality . . .

The Jumping and Fronting for raw Cash,
Could but vanish by mere Flash . . .

The love of Money is Killling,
For its modesty is  Healing . . .

B4 the Last  Breath,
B4 the lost  Health,

shall we think less about Wealth,
perhaps, think more about Death . . .

Your certificates would Soon be Useless,
Your prestige, Helpless . . .

The reality is the fact that you and I are simply powerless to avoid or prevent Death.

To Allaah belong the granting and taking of life.

((Reflect b4 you Regret)

Allaahu ul Musta’aan


Credit : Hassan Taiwo


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