Why would she SHY’?

Feel free to ask ‘WHY’

For if she choose to ‘WALK’,

Or decides to TALK’,

She walks with DIGNITY’

And preserves my ‘PURITY’

…Amasa Firdaus is a Muslimah…

Not all of her you’ll ‘SEE’,

Lower your gaze, she’s not meant for YE’,

That’s why she love her ‘VEIL’,

As it prevents you from landing your eyes in ‘JAIL’,

Hey, you must lower your ‘GAZE’,

And strive hard to protect your RACE’,

…Amasa Firdaus is a Muslimah…

To go to the Market is no ‘CRIME’,

If you can’t buy TIME’,

You could sell LIME’,

As your little earnings can’t be MINE’,

Haram remains the ‘CRIME’,

And Hijab remains her ‘PRIME’,

…Amasa Firdaus is a Muslimah…

Hey Don’t feel insulted like a child ‘ABUSED’,

She won’t mind being consulted if you’re still ‘CONFUSED’,

On judgement day you’ve got no EXCUSE’,

Firdaus, hope you’re not still ‘BEMUSED,

As you find the right notion to ‘DEDUCE’,

… Try remember that …

Amasa Firdaus is A MUSLIMAH…





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