Hafsah Faizal was the Muslim hero of the day when Forbes released its “Forbes 30 under 30” list. One might have wondered as to why such inclusion became a thing of joy for the Muslim ‘Ummah.

For me, I think it was more of a point-making than a celebration of’ uncommon Muslim wits’. Hafsah is just one of the Muslim intellectual of millions that we have in the world. However, the point made is that Muslim women cover their heads and not their brains.

Hafsah is a Niqab-wearing New York Times-bestselling author. The first Niqabi to make the NYT best-seller list, she is also the founder of IceyDesigns, which creates websites for authors and sells book-inspired candles, notebooks and more.

When Forbes released its list, I had wanted to join several other Muslims in congratulating her but exercised some patience, why? – I checked and checked different pages on the internet, I look at the walls of critics of Islam and found none that talked about Faizal. They have been silenced.

Die-hard critics of Islam are only interested in whatever could demean Muslims. Over the years, they have praised and glorified a form of slavery they call freedom for Muslim women and Arab non-Muslims greatly influenced by the Islamic culture.

Mia Khalifa 

In my article, The Turtle Has Lost His Shell,  I discussed that tradition of the west supporting Muslim and Arab women lose their shell in the name of freedom.

The Lebanese-American was a pornographic actress from 2014 to 2015. She began to act in the porn industry in October 2014 and in December of the same year, she had become the hottest and most viewed porn-star on a porn website.

She was not the conventional porn actress, she went as far as acting porn with a Hijab porn. Back in Lebanon, she faced great criticism but the liberals and the Western world saw nothing wrong in the actions of the then 21-year-old.

Goddess, sexiest, Arabian Angel, Arab beauty”, she must have been called. After three months, she left the industry but the shell was lost already. The videos cannot leave the internet. The nudity is glued to the brain of many of her fans.

I pitied the young woman while watching the interview. Stephen Stackur must have felt the way I felt. Mia, as a young lady had a self-esteem problem and the porn industry had invited her. In her own words, she said she feels like she has no privacy and she feels like everyone could see through her clothes.

Sadly, if she was covered, she would be a slave but as a pornstar, it was her life.

Rahaf Mohammed 

When Rahaf Alqunun now Rahaf Mohammed, the Saudi Arabian girl who fled from her family and was received in Canada, I told myself that, “this is the beginning of another loss of dignity”. Shortly after her ‘freedom’, the Western Media were quick to turn her into a celebrity and did not hesitate to tell us she now enjoys wine and eating pork. How pathetic!

Her Twitter bio now reads, “Liberal-Feminist, Ex-Muslim, #Freedom, LGBTQ”

Zaira Wasim

Before  Halima Aden, the first model to wear a hijab on many of the world’s runways and magazines, who announced that she’s leaving modeling, due to the fashion industry forcing her to compromise her beliefs, there was Zaira Wasim who left Bollywood.

Zaira Wasim was a former Bollywood actress who left the industry in July 2019. Listening to her reasons for quitting gave me much joy that hope is not lost. In the article I wrote, ” Zaira Wasim leaves Bollywood; between Right and Wrong“, I shared some tweets, even from a so-called Muslim calling for her head.

Zaira, 18, best known for her role in the 2016 movie, ‘Dangal’, said,

“This field indeed brought a lot of love, support and applause my way, but what it also did was to lead me to a path of ignorance, as I silently and unconsciously transitioned out of ‘imaan’”

“While I continued to work in an environment that consistently interfered with my ‘imaan’, my relationship with my religion was threatened”


Islamophobes are interested in anything they could use against Islam and sell misguidance in guise of freedom to many Muslim Youths. It follows that the flaws of a Muslim is blamed on Islam while the achievement of another Muslim is seen as his being human and not necessarily Muslim. Hence, we have terms like “Islamic Terrorist” and not “Muslim Intellectual”.

Indeed, there is a dire need to continue to tell the Muslim story. Would you rather be silent or tell the Muslim story? Knowislam Project tells the Muslim story, we want your story and our email address ([email protected]) awaits your Muslim story.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

The KnowIslam Project

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