It is barely there months into 2020 and the COVID-19 has been the major cause of tension across the globe. Since its outbreak in Wuhan, China, the virus has continued to spread rapidly beyond China and leading to the deaths of thousands.

It was in the news that North Korea executed a patient confirmed to be carrying the Coronavirus; the first country to do that. While the story keeps coming up, we ask, based on the information available, was North Korea wrong?

It is no news that King Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea since 2011, is nkt on good terms with some Western powers, therefore, there is a negative portrayal of his as a lunatic, North Korea as a haven of poverty and North Koreans as prisoners.


In what The Sun called a “shock revelation”, the patient, a government official was ‘immediately shot’ as the country takes sickening measures to prevent the killer outbreak from spreading.

Propaganda and Sensationalism

Reports from The Sun, International Business Times and TechTimes laid emphasis on the dictatorship of Kim to sell the anti-Kim narrative.

In fact, TechTimes has it that, “North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un pulls the gun trigger on anyone suspected with Coronavirus” and The Sun, ” NORTH Korea has brutally executed a coronavirus patient for going out in public”

While these media outlets have carefully chosen their headlines for sensation’s sake, there was no choice but to have the truth, even if half, in the content and then, spread more propaganda.


The Man, a government official was confirmed to have been carrying the Coronavirus. He was said to have been shot dead for leaving quarantine to visit a public bath.

According to South Korean media, the victim, who had returned to the country after a visit to China, was executed for risking the spread of the deadly virus.

The man was quarantined under a policy of isolating anyone who had been to China

North Korean, meanwhile, has shut down its border and cut transport links with China. Foreigners visiting North Korea are being kept under quarantine for 30 days, while foreign diplomats and international organization staff have been restricted in their movement across Pyongyang.



Kim Jong-Un’s decision cannot be faulted. What does a man aim carrying the Coronavirus virus and isolated aim to achieve by going out to the public? To infect more people?

The reports from many media outlets suggest that the man might have been pampered if he was in the West for an action that could lead to the death of hundreds of citizens in the stage.

TechTimes reports, “Under the new rule of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, he vowed that anyone will leave the Coronavirus quarantine process without any permission from any officials would be “ruled by military law”– this means they will be executed on the spot once they got caught.”

Fsr from what TechTimes is suggesting, Kim has made the right decision.

Yesterday, Saudi Arabia temporary suspended entry for Umrah and tourism for countries with confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.

Also, Nigeria has just recorded its first confirmed case of the COVID-19 in Lagos State. 


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