I drew this to illustrate who should be blamed for the unrest in the world. So many times, I have seen atheists and some agnostics who clamour for the eradication of religions from this planet. One of the major rationale behind this is that so many wars, so many killings had been carried out in the name of religion. We may then ask, “Is religion at fault?”.

As a matter of fact, all religions enjoin being in good terms with one’s neighbours, feeding the poor, etc. The problem starts when religion is mixed with politics, greed, ego, will to control or dominate (seeking power). If a country that does not separate the religion from the state goes to war in order to protect her state, few would see it from a political angle but they resort to blaming the religion.

Atheists also do not stop blaming God for the problems in the world. They say since God can do everything and loves us, why is he allowing suicide bombers and other perpetrators of evil carry out their actions? This is a very ridiculous claim. How can you blame what you believe does not exist?. Claims of this kind drove me to make this illustration. Now, let us study the image.

“R ” in the photo stands for Religion. Imagine a man who owns four slaves. He calls on them one day and say” My slaves, I am leaving this my garden into your care, do whatever you want on it,this garden will provide you with food, medicine etc. By this, the man commits the affairs of the garden into the hands of the slaves.

Imagine if one of the slaves thinks, “How can I bring these three other slaves under me?. He then succeeds in making stones and stones one of the slaves. He now says to the other slaves,” anything I say, obey, lest I break your head with stones “. This explains the Genesis of world problems.

Imagine if the slave who was stoned then says,” Am I a fool?, by every means, I must rule “. With this thought, after much trials, he eventually manufactures a cutlass. He then cuts a tree with the cutlass and says to the other first one,” give up your stones “and to the three in general,” If I say anything, obey lest I cut off your dead like I cut down that three “. This would make the other slaves subjected to him.

Now imagine if another slave now says,” someone invented stone, another cutlass, how can I dispossess this slave of his cutlass “. He then makes researches and afterwards makes a gun. Happy with his invention, he goes on to test the gun in the presence of the three slaves by shooting a goat in the garden. He then says,” can you guys see? Your stone cannot kill me, you need to near me before you use your cutlass, I will just shoot you guys from here and that’s your end. Now, hand over the stones and cutlass. Can you now see they have stones, cutlass and gun?

Now, imagine if the fourth slave now thinks , “I was not born to serve my mates”. With this thought, he then begins to find a way to make them subjected to him. After much ado, he eventually manufactures bomb. In the presence of the other slaves, he then throws a bomb in the midst of five animals and in the twinkle of an eye, only fragments of the animals could be seen. He then says, “How many persons can a bullet kill at once?? One, right? I’ll strap this bomb on myself, detonate it and that’s our end.

This is exactly where the world got it wrong. God didn’t make bombs, guns and other arms, man did, why then blame God?

Is it the man’s fault to have left his slaves with freewill or the slaves’ fault which is a result of their being drunken with the opium of power?

The man represents God while the slaves represents man. So, when you check the image, you see an avatar below the “R” with the inscription God. There are four other avatars “mankind”. Below them is the process of stoning, using cutlass, gun and bomb.

There are so many things God does not interfere in. God doesn’t interfere in you lighting your gas. God doesn’t interfere in how much is the cost of petrol. Man determines what colour of clothes he wants to wear. Man determines if he wants to steal or not. Man is solely responsible for his actions and on the day of recompense, he would be called to question and there’s no way man can be justified of God.

God gave us freewill. He doesn’t sit on it. God says don’t lie, don’t steal. Yet we are free to lie or steal,God doesn’t stop us from doing whatever we want to do but the end, he knows, and the consequences of good or bad we do, God will reward us. However, there are some human actions that have paranormal interference to show how majestic and wonder doing God is.

God controls air. He retains the air for us to breath but he’s not responsible for air pollution.

God controls the weather and seasons.

And God is He who causes us to die.

In the Image, you have



This means, once upon a time, people make weapons for fight wars but nowadays, we create wars to sell weapons…

Lukman Bashir LuCas Samson

February 17,2016.


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