G.O.A.T??This is for Muslims…

The religion of Islam requires that a Muslim pays attention to not just his deeds but also his utterances. No wonder, emphasis is laid on intention. Look at many world religions, how many of them talk of intention as much as Islam. This tells us that heedlessness and Islam are not related.

You do not need to explain to me that when you mention G.O.A.T, you refer to the Greatest of All Time in football. Yes, agreed, but, why not G.F.O.A.T as in greatest footballer of all time? Read history, the pious men that many worship today, how did they start?

Listen Muslim, I am talking to you. Listen…listen… ARES is the god of war, Hephaestus, the god of fire, according to the Greeks, do you think one day, either Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo would not be named the god of soccer who took human flesh to play among humans? Is it as ridiculous as one saying God came down to live, wine and dine with men?

In some religion today, some call themselves prophets which is not a big deal. Can we use the same standard to judge what is right or wrong in Islam? NO! Only a mad man would call himself a prophet in the Islamic world today. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the last prophet of God.

In a clear term, under Tawheed (a proper understanding of the oneness of God), we have the onesss of His names, oneness of Lordship and oneness of worship. These are guiding principles for a Muslim regarding his speech and actions.

Listen…Muslim…listen… I told you, we have seen how different nations rose, became the most powerful, then fell with another arising. Perhaps, if this is not so, the worship of men would increase, some would be seen as infallible and invincible. If the best does not fail, if the pharmacist does not fall sick, if the doctors do not die… Glory be to Allah.

And…check yourself… Did you place your hopes in a man you believe can do it when in reality, he is helpless? Listen… I am not telling you a loss made him less of a great footballer than he is but I remind and ask you that, where did you put your hope?

This reminder might be difficult for a non-Muslim to understand, it is not for them. I do not expect he who calls his God “Alagbada Ina” (garment of fire), or the cultural Muslim who would say, “Eledaa masun”, (Creator, sleep not).

The knowledge of Tawheed gives sight to the eyes, hearing to the ear and cure for the soul. Without Tawheed, man is blind, deaf and his heart, sick.

Verily, Mankind is in loss except those who believe, do good deeds, call to the TRUTH and patience.

Dear Muslim, do not be arrogant then say you commit Shirk by mistake. If you would call anyone greatest footballer of all time, be clear, only if there is any greatest of all time in any field. Great minds in different fields are just too numerous.

Imagine someone trying to praise a philanthropist then call him… The Merciful…

Would you see a wise old man then call him, THE WISE?

Oh Muslim! Do not be heedless!

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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