While being a hindu the only thing I had heard about Prophet Muhammad was that he founded Islam. So the picture I had in mind was of a spiritual leader who started his own cult.

Then came 9/11 when i was convinced that violence was the core foundation of his teachings.

Around 12 years back I was introduced to him as a Messenger of God who was sent to invite people to worship the One True God and that he was the Final messenger and not the first one. My initial reaction was that of denial, a denial fuelled by things I observed in the Muslim community or by things the media portrayed.

During my days of ignorance I had noted that most spiritual leaders who call for asceticism tend to live a personal life of luxury and thus it was hard for me to understand how the Prophet Muhammad who has a following of billions led a simple life without a palace or without enormous wealth that he left behind for his family like other spiritual leaders.

It was hard to understand how a man who wasn’t able to read and write produce something as powerful as the Quran. So I went on a journey of knowing more about him and his message and within few months ended up accepting Islam as my way of Life.

The more I knew this Man the more I loved him. My life’s choices stared being shaped by his words and guidance. After few years my mom and sister accepted Islam and then I observed how the love for the Prophet superseded every form of love inside the family of 3 reverts to Islam.

A man that I detested became the role model that I look upto and a man that I long to meet. A man that was disliked became the Man who my mom wanted to follow. The more I read about him the more I wish everyone else gets to understand his message. How I wish all the Muslims lived upto his words so that the world gets to see who he really was through our actions.

I have never seen him yet his words shape every single action in my life and the life of billions around me. A man so truthful, so honest, so caring that the Lord of this world had to remind us that he was sent us a Mercy to Mankind yet today we have people who wish to insult him and mock him. The mockery doesn’t harm him at all but it’s you who is missing out on knowing the greatest man that ever walked on Earth. If you don’t believe my words go on a journey of discovering his message just like how I did and let me know where it takes you few years down the lane!



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