At times when I look at life I wonder,

Why we don’t remember our Akhirah,

Surely all will be gone, your beauty, your money, your position,

What remain with us than our solat, our refuge and our deed.

Human beings live as if they won’t die….,

Without remembering that,

One day they will be called but won’t be able to voice out,

Do you say you are still young to die,

Take a look at the Rosul,

Do you say you are a Scholar,

Take a look at our mother Aishah (R.A),

They all left this world!

What on earth are we craving for?

Are you a mumeen enough to face the life after death,

Are you a mumeenah enough to face life after death,

Who knows the way of life…who knows who will live tomorrow?

Who knows whose breath will be taken next?.

We keep running the rat race,

We keep aspiring for vanity…. Wallahi when we die people will eat,

But what can we do than to keep living as human,

While still living while not endeavor to be on the right path,

Are you ready to answer the questions to be asked after death?

To have the grace to face our maker,

Malik-ul-mulk….. The owner of all sovereignty,

How will you say you don’t know him (Allah),

How will you say you don’t hear about him (The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)),

How will you say you’ve never heard of it (Quran),

Everyday you are being called Nafysah,

You are being called Fatimah,

You are being called Aaminah,

You are being called Abdulrahman,

Then how will you deny it (Islam),

Death the hard truth and life the beautiful lie,

The Suratul Iklas you runaway from will be what we will all seek at the end,

The Dua we can’t wait to make for five minutes after Solat is what we seek for people to do for us even for 3 minutes.



Dedicated to (Oloriegbe Taofeeqah)

A Muslimah / Unilorin Gradute of Electrical Engineering who died just five days away from her convocation.

May Allah aza wa jal forgive all her shortcomings and admit her to His Jannah.


Bello Nafysah Omolewa @



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