It is so unfortunate that today, we Muslims need to defend and explain our religion almost everywhere we go. These are people who claim to be hated yet we Muslims have a feel of hatred and being misunderstood everywhere we go daily.

I was resting on my bed at the hospital when my brother (Lucas Ridwon Samuel) asked if I know one nurse Folakemi among the Nurses. I said yes then he went further to tell me about their conversation.

The nurse told him they do talk about us and they always wonder how come we are Muslims when I am Bashir Lucas Bashir Samson Lukman and my brother is Samuel. She was told that we reverted to Islam. Surprisingly, she also said her dad was a Muslim that converted to Christianity. In a bit to evangelize, she raised these three points,

* Islam is about killing and killing called Jihad.

* How many times was Jesus(AS) mentioned in the Qur’an and how many times was prophet Muhammad (pbuh) mentioned.

Then she asked, ” WHY did you even leave Christianity for Islam?”

“This is interesting”, I said then told my brother I need to talk to her. Here is a summary..

” Nurse Folakemi, my brother told me about your chat, what you told him and the questions you asked. I can’t talk for long so I will just make this discussion very short”

You said Islam is about killing and killing, who told you? If it is true that every Muslim must or should kill to prove they fear Allah, how many people did your father kill when he was a Muslim and he was never a Muslim? If we want to agree with your own definition of Jihad, you should be able to tell us how many people your father killed.

Nurse, that claim is false. We have over 1 billion Muslims in the world today, were we all murderers, how come you can stay so safe here? Look at the number of Muslims that have come to visit me in this hospital, who did they kill?

Jihad literally means to strive instead of the usual “Holy war” you know. A true Muslim should strive against his own soul however, Jihad can take another form other than striving against the soul.

In a situation where I did not disturb nor stop you from practicing your religion, then you come to kill my people because of their religion, how is waging a war against you evil? Does allowing you kill everyone define peace?

To make it clearer, Jihad can be likened to Crusade yet not same. You seem to here Crusade today but you don’t feel indifferent. Do you know crusade means a holy war? A vigorous campaign, struggle or strive? Don’t you think you need to learn about Crusade first before Jihad?

To be continued… ( )

Lucas Bashir Samson Lukman is not replying messages nor picking calls for now. Those with vital information can call Lucas Ridwon Samuel on 08119871619.

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