All praise be to Allah who brought me back to life. It is indeed great to be reunited with my brother, Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma.

I was out with Eneye today and we did not regret my wanting to see how it is out there. On our way back, we boarded a bus. We have not covered 1km when a pastor started to preach.

The pastor started to talk about sins, it is not important to be a Christian or Muslim to gain eternal life. Funny enough, he said all we need is to accept Jesus Christ as our lord and personal saviour? And that makes us what? Hindus?

When he stopped, Eneye said he wants to ask a question. “Pastor, where is it in your Bible that Jesus is our Lord and Personal saviour?”

The pastor said it is in the Bible and we asked him to give us the Bible verse. He declined and said, “Please, I have spoken as the spirit directed me” and I told Eneye, “My brother, please, speak according to how the spirit directs you!”

Eneye went on to quote Isiaha 43:10-11 but the pastor said he will not open his Bible and whatever is in the Bible verse we quoted is irrelevant to the conversation.

Eneye continued, ” You know there are Muslims on this bus and you don’t want us to talk or ask questions after your preaching”

The pastor felt embarrassed and said, “Driver, please, let me come down”. 😂 😂

Listen to the audio… Knowledge is power!


Lucas Bashir and Eneye vs pastor audio


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