Many times, one thinks that some things on the Social Media are so ridiculous to be believed until one encounters people who share those beliefs in the real-life!

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, there have been lots of information that are being circulated on the internet that will not only affect people psychologically but also medically.

People came up with strange predictions, prophecies and conspiracy theories that hold no water. Read: Coronavirus: Predictions, Prophecies and Conspiracy Theories. Things went to bad that an Imam promoted the idea that the virus was created by America to fight Islam, a Professor of Islamic Studies opposed the government’s #Stayathome order and said Muslims are naturally protected from the virus as the females where Niqab and also cited ablution as a protective gear. Another Pastor was also seen on the pulpit misinforming his members.

Medically, Pastors have been giving ‘divine’ protection tips to the public. Some claimed they will go to China, others have asked people to get water, call the name of Jesus, drink it and that’s all. Ridiculously, some Muslims have taken to looking for a strand of hair in the Qur’an, to mix with water and drink. Allah’s aid is sought.

This morning, I asked an Okada man to take me to the ATM. I had joked with him that we maintain a social distancing on the bike, so he asked, “Sir, are you ‘butty’ ni?”. ‘Butty’ is a slang for very rich or sons of very rich people. I replied in the negative and asked him why.

To the young man, the Coronavirus is the disease of the rich and has nothing to do with the poor. He asked me if I have seen a poor man that has contracted the virus. Unfortunately, many people have this same belief!

The Coronavirus is not designed for and not after the rich (only). What these people do not know is that not everyone who can go to America and the UK is a politician. Many are breadwinners of poor families, many of them were not born with a silver spoon. Many of the masses work at Airports, some are uber drivers, these people go back to their family, thus, being a bridge between the rich and the poor.

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While the excitement of the poor man may be understood, it is important to know that not all rich people are evil and not all poor people are godly. It is not wealth that makes you evil and poverty is not the definition of good.

A rich man may be better than a poor man. While some rich men are making donations in billions, the poor are inflating the price of goods, yet, the rich one is evil.

According to the NCDC, we have 97 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 at the time of this writing, kindly sensitize those around you lest they set us on fire with their negligence. Coronavirus is real and it is a respecter of nobody.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman





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