Do you know who they are?

Those who plant terror in men like yam,

Do you know them if you walk behind their hamlets?

Those who sow tears in the face of our women,

Do you even know their mission on earth?

Those who make our women wear the black garment, the one which sticks stubbornly to their body like the ragged robes of disgraced masquerades.

They claimed to submit to Allah’s will,

They claimed to tour HIS path,

No! They contradict HIS injunctions.

Shall I tell you the path they tour?

The path is dark and greasy,

Short in length and crooked in shape,

Like the walking stick of the blind man behind my hut.

Pen kissing paper,

I heard they abhor,

How come the products are at the tip of their fingers,

So,you see?!

Do they not fear the D-day?

Those who make us search for the remains of our kin amidst fires and smokes,

I know the day would come,

But before then,o Beings behind the mask,
Stretch forth your arm,

And say Amen to every bits of my prayer;

Forever,you will be hungry,

You will walk on the staggering road,

Swim in the ocean of debt,

You will owe the pepper seller at the market square,

You will owe farmers,tubers of yam,

And finally, you will owe the whole world, blood of innocent souls,

They will weep and weep at the dark corner of your rooms,

They will tug at your minds,

And make you find not your beauty sleep.

Say Ameen!


#we are not terrorists,

#we are muslims





Amori Lateefah Dream @



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