Some days ago, the story of Ghana’s National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, went viral on the Social Media that he endorsed alcohol. The story has sparked lots of controversies as many liberals see it as an opportunity to drink.


The office of the Chief Imam of Ghana has debunked this story in a press release. It wrote,

Press Release

The office of the National Chief Imam of Ghana has noticed with concern a misleading report associating the National Chief Imam with a statement to the effect that “muslims can take alcohol to fight the Coronavirus. 

We would like to state without any equivocation that the National Chief Imam never made such statement.

In an attempt to educate public about the flexible features of the Islamic law it was indicated that under certain circumstances what prohibited may become permissible. That was to justify within law the suspension of the daily jama’a salat and the Friday Jumua salat. 

This illustration has mischievously been taken out of context by some media house thereby whereby misinforming the public and subjecting the National Chief Imam to public opprobrium. 

We call on the general public to disregard that report with all the contempt it deserves. 

From the Spokesman for the National Chief Imam of Ghana. 

Sheikh Armiyawo Shaibu.




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