Femi Animashaun, an Architect and Humanist has suggested to the Nigerian Government, seven basic needs that are necessary before people are isolated to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

He wrote,

“To isolate people, they must have basic need;

1. Power very essential and should be subsidized 50% current rate due to increased usage by people staying home. And also turning on their TVs to be informed.

2. They must have food. Banks should be authorized to allow 100K per BVN in a separate automatic account created for this purpose.

3. Our Specially trained Police and Military personnel should have begun extensive training on self protection and hygiene, as they may be requires to enforce limited movement.

Only specially trained Police should be used with the military to separate professionals from opportunistic and extorting business men in uniform.

4. Strategically buy and transport Ginger to be made available for free in all nooks and crannies of Nigeria. Advise Nigerians to break off the size of 1/3 a finger and chew every morning. With this, immunity systems will be boosted.

5. Instruct all Landlords not to collect rents for a period of 3 months when COVID-19 will be eliminated in Nigeria and Globally.

6. All elected Officials must go on 1/2 pay to reduce the cost and burden on Nigeria at this trying time and with the cost of Oil dropping by over 50%. If our National assembly argues, declare martial law and eliminate any pay for them.

7. Show genuine care for Nigerians like you show Politicians.”

The Nigerian government has placed travel restrictions on 13 countries with high cases of the Coronavirus. The ban is to take effect on Friday.

Femi Animashaun is based in Lagos, Nigeria.


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