The mother of an 11-year-old student of Chrisland Schools raised alarm over an alleged recorded gang-rape of her daughter. However, a video of the act now in circulation proved otherwise.

The video which would pass for a debut of a ‘successful’ porn career featured the so-called victim, a boy she was in the act with, and some other boys in the room. Bewildered by what I saw, I asked my source if the boy was the one being raped or the girl. You’d ask me same question if you were me, because, how come the raped is riding on the rapist like a gallant medieval soldier?

Everyone involved in the video were minors between the ages of 10-13, there was no use of force, so, a case of rape cannot be established. The question we should be asking is how we got here.

In our age of speed, it is not uncommon to see 5-7 year old children operating mobile phones, finding their ways to Netflix while children as little as 10-11 have unlimited access to pornography. One wonders where these children in question learnt of this act; books, TV; porn websites and movies; abuse, school, etc.

Our age of freedom and mental health issues is causing more harm than good. In a LinkedIn post I came across yesterday, some women consider spanking a child no matter how little to be cruel. Radarada! Imagine these children will go unpunished but someone will sit the down under AC speaking English language in the name of counseling. In our age of freedom, we have seen children say “f**k you” to their parents amidst other obnoxious behaviours. If this works for the West, it should remain alien to Africa.

The mother who claimed her daughter was gang-raped should be asked if she saw the video. If she did, is that what you call rape and what’s her goal in claiming rape? If she saw a different video, she should let the proper bodies see.

In the religion of Islam, the diligence it takes to establish a case of adultery, fornication or rape is not to be unjust to the claimant, rather, to make sure justice is served appropriately. False claims of rape have ended the career of many. Without this video evidence, social media activists and influencers will promote hashtags requesting for justice for our young Mia Khalifa
while the media will play its part in sensationalizing it.

Parenting is failing… The society is failing….

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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