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Prophet Janjanweed of Sudan

THE JANJAWEED NUISANCE FROM SUDAN Earlier today, my kid bro, Umar Farouq El-ameer sent an audio clip to me on whatsapp about a Sudanese man who claims to be a Prophet and recipient of divine revelation. I have since received the same clip from 6 different individuals. Below is the transcript of the audio clip:…
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HOROSCOPE A horoscope is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person’s birth. The word horoscope is derived from Greek words hõra and scopos meaning”time” and “observer” (horoskopos) Astrology is a means of divining earthly events according…
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LEGACY OF ISLAM IN YORUBALAND Islam came to Oyo Empire in 14th century during the reign of Mansa Musa in Mali and subsequently conversion to Islam by some Yorubas. It was popularly called “Esin Imale” – religion brought by the Malian people. However, some people erroneously translated “Esin Imale” as “hardened religion to practise”. According…
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Muhammad Bn ‘Aliyy Jabata Al-khoorijee Is Do’eef Matrook (Weak, Rejected )

AN APPROPRIATE RESPONSE TO THE STUDENTS OF THE STRAYED MAN SPREADING HIS NARRATIONS REGARDING HIS PURPORTED VISIT WITH SHAYKH YAHYA AL-HAJOOREE AND SHAYKH ‘ABDUL-HAMEED AL-HAJOOREE AZ-ZA’AKAREE by Aboo ‘Aa’ishah Al Odeomeey All perfect praise is for Allaah alone. We beseech His peace and blessing upon Muhammad (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam). Unquestionably, common sense (or what…
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THE VIRAL VIDEO OF A LADY IMAM: WHAT ISLAM SAYS We would observe that a video has been going viral recently even though it is an old video that is long forgotten. The video where a woman; Amina Wadud but who I would rather call Mary Teasley ( her former name) led a Jum’at prayer.…
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July 19, 2017 1

Are Muslims still terrorists as CIA agent confesses again?

79-year-old retired CIA agent, Malcom Howard, has made a series of astonishing claims since being released from hospital in New Jersey on Friday and told he has weeks to live. Mr. Howard claims he was involved in the “controlled demolition” of World Trade Center 7, the third building that was destroyed on 9/11. Mr. Howard,…
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Between “Islamization” and Moral Decadence, what should be the concern of Nigerian Christian Elders?

BRIEFLY ON CHRISTIAN ELDERS ISLAMISATION CLAIM. As was rightly observed the other time, Nigeria Christian leaders are in crisis. They have followers who see little or nothing wrong in alcoholism, fornication/adultery, obscene Music and public nudity. Their crisis is further worsen by the fact that even within their ranks are renowned sex predators and voodoo…
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July 16, 2017 3

Opinion : Buhari Ọmọ Musa : The Church, the concern and TAWHEED.

RE: A MUSLIM ENTERING THE CHURCH: THE   Praise be to Allaah and may His perfect blessing be upon the soul of His last messenger, his household his companions, the scholars upon the truth as well as those who follow them on the path. As regards the write up ” A MUSLIM ENTERING THE CHURCH….”,…
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July 15, 2017 1

Who was “that prophet” John 1:19-21?

  In the New Testament, we found out that the Jews were expecting the fulfilment of the prophecy “ONE LIKE MOSES” in Deuteronomy 18:18. When Jesus (pbuh) claimed to be the Messiah of the Jews, the Jews began to enquire as to where was Elias? The Jews had a parallel prophecy that before the coming…
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The Apparition of ‘Jesus’ and Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass ; A Religious Shenanigan

  It is no doubt that there are different people with different beliefs and these people all have certain personalities they revere to the extent that some of these personalities are taken as deities being worshipped, directly or indirectly. These personalities may include Prophets, heroes, men and women of virtuous histories or bravery. The love…
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