Like other babies, I cried at birth

Not because I’m a baby but fear

When I should cry, I learnt to shout,

As to when to crawl, I learnt to run

What noise could scare me?

Am I not a friend to guns and explosives?

Greet my beloved in Iraq, Syria, Kashmir…




Oh father, why were you killed?


Dear mother, why were you blown up?


Dear brethren, for what reason are we orphaned?


Is it for my faith (religion) or for my land?


Grown have I become yet not forced to change my faith


Even if I become a Christian or hindu, the oppression continues…



The land! The land! The land!!!


Who owns the land? Who is claiming the land?


Innocent are we, we didn’t chase out the Canaanites some thousand years ago,


Are we the Babylonians, Roman empire, Alexander the Great?


Not my people destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD and took her into captivity!


Like everyone, we found this land…



Ancient Egyptians, Canaanites, Israelites,  Judeans, Assyrians,


Babylonians, Persians, Ancient Greeks, Macedonians,


The  Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom, Romans, Byzantines,


The Arab Rashidun, Umayyad, Abbasid and Fatimidcaliphates,

Crusaders, Ayyubids, Mamluks, Mongols, Ottomans, the British,

 Israelis, Jordanians, Egyptians


All these have controlled this territory!


Naive we are about the inexistence of the state of Israel from 70Ad – 1947


We have no relationship with Adolf Hitler


In peace were we when the Israelis went about their journey


From Babylon to Timbuktu and other parts of Africa


From fleeing from Germany and an attempt to settle in Senegal


Nay!!! Nay!!! Here they are to claim our land


Their god wants them to take what’s not theirs!!!



Shall we trace the Canaanites and give to them?!!!


With the backing of super powers, what can we do???



Here they come to take our land,


Our land,  not our faith!!!


Wait! Here lieth confusion!!!


The Jews we knew, were dark/black



When they bleached, we know not!!!







Rejoice! We share faith with super powers too!!!


Our bond, stronger than ties of kinship!




Fight, they say we cannot ; why?


Might, they say we don’t have : understandable!!!



Who created our loss of might? We or nature?


Our cause or what we met?


Imposed or an option we created for ourselves?


No race, colour, tribe, language with geographical differences so unites like the faith we share?


If the west is wise to have divided us, why are we unwise to have fallen prey?



Indeed, the loss of might is an option created!







This death I see, we shall all taste,


Hypocrisy and double standards: order of the day!



Brethren, celebrate your death!



Whoever stands up for you is asking you to fight, (who told them that, we don’t know)


Only those who hate scholars talk about Palestine ( misconception)


Writing against the Zionists makes you Hizbee (their saying)


We deserve to die because we didn’t obey scholars (their preaching)


Wail not for Palestine, tell not their tale of woes that you be not misguided ( in their voice)


Who are they?


Those we explain to the difference between Judaism and Zionism


But they reply us with Fiqh!


They asked us to make Hijrah


When we ask, for our faith or for our land?,


We shall tell them over and over!!!


This is land on trial not faith on trial!,


Worry not for our faith but for yours!


We re oppressed, you are not


Our Masjid are full, yours not (Africa)


Silence is golden, yes! With exceptions


If for fear of security, there should be silence on Saudi – Yemen,


What of Syria, Iraq, Palestine? Silence golden?


Their argument (sickening)


They ask, “what good has your ‘wailing’ brought?”


We reply,” of what essence is your silence ?”


Lives in jeopardy from religio-politics



Talk not about Palestine so you don’t get labeled!


Become not a deviant by telling the Palestinian story!




I can go on and on but the oppressors are here…


Guns and explosives…


Keep silent and tell no tales!


A time is coming, we shall be quiet!

Call me names, give me labels…



I’m a Palestinian!!!

Written by : ANONYMOUS


These are the author’s own thoughts and does not reflect policies.


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