AlhamduliLlahi Robbil ‘Alameen!!!
We have come to the end of the day one of the Public lecture organized by Academy of Islamic Propagation (ACADIP NIGERIA),Akure Branch and to the glory of Allah, 30 Christians publicly embraced Islam.

The lecture was educating, interesting and dramatic as Different Christians where there to ask questions relating to salvation.

According to the statement on the official website, And I quote; “Wa ra-aitan naasa yadkhuloona fee deenil laahi afwajah

Well, The total number of the Christians who just dumped Christianity for Islam here is 30!!!

Allahu Akbar! ! !

Alhamdulilahi, That marks the end of the day one lecture here at M.K.O Abiola Democracy Park, Behind Akure Central Mosque, Akure, Ondo State on 1st December 2017.

The Video of the was livestream in HD on YouTube with Advanced Digital Camera, so the quality of the
video will be super B.


You can watch the lecture livestramed on YouTube via this link :

While you can also read the full details of the lecture on ACADIP Nigeria Official Website via here

ACADIP Nigeria… Uncovering their cover-ups.



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