December 22, 2019, we republished a 2017 article titled Da’wah to the East to call the attention of the Muslim populace to the pitiable plight of the Igbo Muslims; how a people have become strangers in their own lands just because of Islam.

The hatred non-Muslim Igbos have for Igbo Muslims cannot be over-emphasized. As a matter of fact, these Igbo Muslims are seen as Hausa by their own people because they think no sensible Igbo should be Muslim. Even, there is the erroneous belief that Islam is a religion from and for the Hausas.

A revert Igbo sister, Aishat Obi narrated an awful experience she had in a commercial car, depicting how much hatred the Igbo Muslims encounter daily. She wrote,

I entered a car this morning, a sister that was inside quickly adjusted for me but I was surprised in the way and manner she adjusted. The driver stopped to pick another passenger. I then shifted for the person to enter but, she pushed me away.

When I noticed what was happening was when the driver said, “Madam, wetin be your own self?”. She replied him with the Igbo language that she doesn’t want this Oye Hausa body to touch her as she asked me if I want to stain her.

Then, other people in the car started talking to her. She was asked to go down if she doesn’t want me close to her. She refused because no there was no vehicle. People were rushing to enter anyone that comes out. Within me, I laughed, because, she doesn’t know that  I am Igbo. am asking. If putting on hijab has made me become Oye Hausa. No wonder some of my Igbo Muslims sisters are ashamed of putting on hijab in the village.”


This is a very serious problem and we need to really pay attention to the condition of Muslims in Igbo land.


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