In an article I wrote, titled “A Rejoinder to A Message For The Muslim Bible Warriors”, I cited what is below to portray how we Muslims have misplaced our priorities;


“So, if all comparative lecturers are to be blamed for a revert’s ignorance little or no knowledge of Islam, shall we blame the scholars for the shenanigans we see amongst Muslims today. If he is so much concerned about teaching Islam and no other intention, shall we blame him for or ask what he has done to help;


* The several Imams (may Allah preserve them on khayr) that cannot recite Suratul Fatiha with proper Tajweed?


* The several number of Muslims who go for Jummu’ah on Friday and Church on Sunday. Those who have no problem with praying in Jesus’ name.


* The mothers, grandmothers, sisters that do not use the Hijab but scarfs. Who is he blaming?


* The sons and daughters of  many Imams who do not appear to be Muslims even from their looks, club and drink!


* Those who bear Lasisi, Muri, Rasaki and married to more than 4 wives yet in the name of Islam.


* The several ìyá lojas when the Adhan is being called, they do not hasten to pray.


* The Muslims  in Ilorin (just saying as this is everywhere) that during Dhur, ‘Asr, Maghrib and ‘Ishaa, you see more Muslims on the road, shops than you see in the mosque.



If comparative lecturers need to be crucified because many reverts are not too good in Islam, can we get a statistic of the number of Muslims from birth against Reverts that know about Islam the less? I fear that soon, a group will arise, build their own Masjid and you can’t pray in the Masjid except you wear a Niqob because it is not a house of those who have flaws but of angels. In their Manhaj, Admonition based on Adab and Hikmah would be missing but just Crucifixion.”



Indeed, we Muslims have so much misplaced our priorities. Yesterday, brother Badmus Awwal Uptown shared the audio of a lecture delivered by one supposed Islamic preacher. Sad and funny, he was doing the tefsir of a song by Saheed Osupa, even going to the extent of cursing those that are against Fuji Music. “Orin yin buru”, He said. To him, Saheed Osupa is an expert on and source of proper Marriage affairs hence bringing references from his music, no thanks to his  ‘Arowasi’who even almost sang better than Saheed Osupa.


In the Fuji Music Industry  (predominant in the South-West of Nigeria), we have more Muslims than non-Muslims that an average non-Muslim would think that Fuji music is another branch or pillar of Islam no thanks to the “Alhajis” Pasuma, Saheed Osupa, K1 de Ultimate, Abass Obesere and many others. That we can count the numbers of christian Fuji musicians given church titles, if any, makes us question the money-minded, dunya-sick, fraudulent alfas that give these people “Baba Adinni, Agbesinga of … land” etc.


The problem facing Muslims in the South-West is gross. As a Christian, the Islamic scholar I knew was Buhari Omo Musa for never failing to entertain us during Ramadan periods. It is so terrible that it is very difficult to convince someone, many Muslims included, that these songs have no root in Islam as they would tell you that attention should be paid to the message not music not knowing that knowledge and wisdom about life issues are in the Qur’an, how lucky are we that the He who created the Heavens and Earth spoke to us in the Qur’an but No! Many Muslims today get inspiration from different types of Music.


How much more pathetic when we realize that many non-Muslims, even average Musims do not even know who is Shaykh Albanee, Ibn Uthaymeen, Ibn Baaz, ibn Taymiyyah and many others!!! Not to even go too far, go outside and ask Muslims on the street what they know about Dr. Sharafadeen Gbadebo Raji, Prof. Alaro, Sheikh Amubieya etc. Ask 10 Muslims on the street, let us see how many of them know these people but ask them about Saheed Osupa, K1 de ultimate, Ayeloyun, Aminat Ajao etc.


One would think that these should be the priority of many self-acclaimed salafis without salafs who are so eager to label you, call you names when you yourself subscribe to the manhaj but not along with their madness that has no root in neither associated with the salafi Manhaj. One’s expectation would be that they will boast of how many Iya lojas, Musicians, non-Muslims they have talked to and now practicing pristine Islam but no! they only boast of how they have destroyed MSSN, made tekfeer of notable scholars in Islam and working towards destroying many others,


This is a CONDEMNATION of many amongst us that are overly exuberant as well as an admontion. It is really good that we call everyone to pristine Islam but our intentions should be checked…


  • Have we condemned these people who know little or about Islam to hell hence focusing on those close to wanting to practice Islam?
  • Are we just out to destroy whoever decides not to take our name and ideology for himself?
  • Are we really striving for Allah’s Cause?


Oh Muslims! Set your priorities right!


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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