One of the blessed days that Allah has granted the Ummah is the day of ‘Arafah. The next ARAFAH DAY comes up next Tuesday, the day before Eid. The prophet (SAW) said: ” Fasting the day of ‘Arafah is an expiation for all the sins of the previous year and expiation for all the sins of the coming year.
The ARAFAH DAY is a day that comes with blessings for Muslims who take advantage of it by observing a voluntary fast and engaging in other supererogatory acts of worship. Allah says: “there is no sin on you if you seek the Bounty of your Lord (during pilgrimage by trading), then when you leave ARAFAH, remember Allah by glorifying His praises, i.e. prayers and invocations at the mashiar-il-Haram. (Muzdalifah- a place near makkah)
The ARAFAH DAY fast is not compulsory, but those who can observe it should do so. However, those who cannot fast should consider other acts of worship which can also earn them rewards from Allah on ARAFAH DAY. These are some of the things we can do on the Day of ‘Arafah:
1. Fast, never miss fasting on ARAFAH DAY unless you are unable to
2. Engage in Dhikr and Dua as much as possible
3. Give out sadaqah ( charity)
4. Ask for forgiveness from Allah
5. Show Gratitude to Allah (SWT)
6. Offer Extra prayers
7. Read the Qur’an
ARAFAH DAY is the most important in Hajj. Any pilgrim who misses ARAFAH has missed Hajj. Even pilgrims who are in hospital will be brought down to ARAFAH. ISLAM was perfected and completed for prophet Muhammad (SAW)  on ARAFAH DAY. Allah says; …I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favor upon you, and have chosen for you ISLAM as your religion. (Q5:3).
The supplications recommended for ARAFAH DAY, e.g., Laa ilaah ilallah wahdahu laa shariika lahu, lahu-l-mulku, walahu-l-hamdu wahuwa alaa kulli shaein Qodiir.
The Eidul-Ad’ha comes up a day after the day of ‘Arafah. The most important act of the day of Eidul-Ad’ha is the slaughtering of a sacrificial animal.
The rules guiding the slaughtering of an animal in ISLAM are as follows:
1. There is a need to sharpen the knives
2. Pronounce the Name of Allah on the animals
3. Avoid slaughtering one animal in front of another animal
4. Handing animals at the point of slaughtering in a manner that such animals will not suffer too much pain before eventually giving up the ghost.
5. There is a need for us to wait till after Eid before slaughtering the animals.
The distribution of the meat. It is very important to distribute the meat of the animals according to the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We and our family members will eat from it, give out part of it as sadaqah and feed the neighbors and friends out of it. The meat from Eid animals must be sold.
It is better for the owner to slaughter his animal by himself. However, if he can not do so, he can assign someone else that has the knowledge to do it on his behalf.
My respected brothers and sisters in ISLAM, it is very important to thank Allah for that day by going for the Eid prayer. All the members of our family should go for Eid prayer, including women who are off salat through Hayd and, Nifas. It is good to bring joy to our children and spouses and, to the needy around us.
It is very important to end all the existing despites especially among the spouses as ARAFAH DAY is for forgiveness.
Other etiquette of Eidul-Ad’ha is that there is a need to wear decent closes, extend Eid greetings, support kith and kin on Eid Day, and the need for chanting Takbir for some days.
And Allah knows best.
Yours sincerely,
Imam Hussaini Muhammad Tajudeen
Imam NASFAT Birninkebbi Branch,


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