When I saw a banner (job advert) on Facebook that a Church needs Prayer Warriors with salary around 30k, I decided to call the phone number.

Fortunately, I was able to reach the Pastor who lamented, and told me how different people had called him, calling him names like ritualist.

In the Pastor’s own explanation, they have gotten the people they needed. It was someone who wanted to create mischief that snapped the banner and put it on the Social Media.

The Pastor further explained that what he did is ethical as there is poverty in the land, therefore, it is not bad to employ people for the Lord’s work. Frustrated at the reaction from people, the Pastor said, “Okay, I need Satan!!!”.

My opinion: The Pastor has done nothing wrong and we need to be careful of what we criticize. It is better to employ people as prayer warriors than being jobless, engaging in fraud or being used as political thugs.

If you ever come across this write-up and the banner, play your own role and explain the truth of the matter.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


Listen to our conversation:


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