I took a trip to the Land of Succes;.
It wasn’t a distance, yet it took years.
It rained all night, and the weather was dry;
The sun was so hot, I nearly froze to death.

I saw with titles, seven doors;
And labelled them all with colours.

The first had the title “KNOWLEDGE”.
Its path was so thorny, I had to bleed;
I was told to attain it, very hard, I must read;
Therein you must have a slow walk, nothing like speed untll you’re dead;
So, I thought hard, and then gave it the colour “RED”.

The second had the title “CONFIDENCE”.
Its path was filled with Enthusiasm, Encouragement and Freshness;
Passage was so hard for me, I thought of an assemblage;
Then, I knew I just had to give it the colour “ORANGE”.

The third had the title “PRAYER”.
Its path was so bright, you can’t but lower your gaze;
With it, before the Almighty, you can table your case;
It was so pure, I thought I had seen another colour of snow;
I didn’t even think twice, before giving it the colour “YELLOW”.

The fourth had the title “CONSISTENCY”.
I already knew the ease of achieving this, is just a fantasy;
Its path was so much filled with the beautiful things of nature;
Gardens of flowers with a satisfying view is what I mean;
I fed my starving eyes round its field and then gave it the colour “GREEN”.

The fifth had the title “PATIENCE”..
Its path was so slippery, I nearly had to jump the fence;
It had a really cool path, that, I must confess;
I looked around, took a deep sigh like I’ve found a clue;
So, I sighed again and gave it the colour “BLUE”.

The sixth had the title “WISDOM”.
Its path was a little different, it was really warm.
That most old people are wise, is really an Axiom.
Well, Ii stared so long, you’d think it was a slideshow..
So pleased, I gave it the colour “INDIGO”.

The seventh had the title “HUMILITY”.
This generation lacks it, Absurdity!
Its path was bushy, with no record of recent usage just like a Landaulet.
So, I felt, it should have the colour “VIOLET”.

– Zainab Odusote.


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