A report from Syria’s State Media says two civilians have been killed with several others wounded in an overnight air attack launched by Israel on the outskirts of Damascus, Syria.

Israel claimed responsibility as it says its military Iranian and Syrian military targets inside Syria as retaliation for rockets fired towards it the day before.

A missile attack on early Wednesday morning led to the destruction of a building and the death of two civilians in Sasa, South of Damascus.

At least three others sustained shrapnel wounds and were being treated in hospitals nearby, said SANA, which also quoted a military source as saying that Syrian air defences were able to destroy most of the missiles fired over Damascus before they reached their targets.

Israel’s military had vowed that it would continue to “operate firmly and for as long as necessary” against the Iranian presence in Syria

The attack was condemned by Russia as it says they were in violation of International Law.

Interfax reported that Mikhail Bogdanov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, called it a wrong move and said Moscow is in contact with her allies.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is facing a series of corruption charges which may lead to his indictment. Netanyahu denies any wrongdoing.