In the world today, it is really important that the Muslim world tell its own story to save the religion from liberals, rationalists, modernists and people who know little or nothing about the religion but ascribe scholarship to themselves.


A sister asked me about the correct hijab to buy,  then I went on Google to search “Hijab” so I can get an image of a proper Hijab. I was shocked and disappointed with the article on the top list (from Wikipedia). You can read the article here :

The image that introduced the article on Hijab to readers is that of an Iranian lady who tied what is not better than a rope (I searched on Google Chrome). SubhanAllah! Anyone who wants to read about Hijab online by google searching will see the article and picture first.


Apart from the image that does not represent the Hijab in light of Islam, there are so many things wrong with the article itself. I will mention some of the errors I noticed which I attempted to change by editing the article on Wikipedia but the changes were deleted minutes after I edited the article.


In the article, Hijab was defined as a veil traditionally worn by SOME  Muslim women. I had to remove the SOME because no true Muslim woman would neglect the Hijab hence the idea that the Hijab is worn by some Muslim woman is out of it.

I read the whole article about the Hijab and discovered a more liberal view as regards the Hijab. Not only were the verses quoted from the Qur’an and Hadeeth not well interpreted, no scholar wss quoted. I  added eight rules guiding proper Hijab hijab by Sheikh al-Albaani but it got deleted after some minutes. 



Another error I discovered in the article is where it says ” Some fashion-conscious women have been turning to non-traditional forms of hijab such as turbans”


This is ridiculous!!! Reading this, I felt as if the article was written to demean Muslims and Islam and of course written by someone who has warped knowledge about Islam. Is this not to mean that those who use the proper Hijab are not fashion-conscious but outdated?


I edited that line to ” some women who lay claim to being Muslims but led by desires out of their own will decide to neglect the proper Hijab”. This edit was also deleted after some minutes.


If only insults, name calling, tantrums can be drastically reduced or eliminated then get our priorities right, there are lots to be done. I then went further by reading articles on Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Allah, Qur’an, Hadeeth etc. These articles need to be edited by scholars of the Deen as these articles seem to be a source for many who want to learn about Islam online but heed not the advice of going to scholars. Shane on those who argue blindly when it comes to Islam and Wikipedia is where they run to as a source.


While I am  away for months ( due to health issues), anyone or a group of people can seek Allah’s pleasure by writing on these topics on Wikipedia or we get articles in Islam on Wikipedia (even on terrorism) then write on them according to Islam.


It is really pathetic that when you search on some topics in Islam and the websites that come up on the top list are anti-islamic websites. We might have been trying but it is not enough…


If we do not tell out story, who will?


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman ( CEO,


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