All praises and adoration belong to Allah. I begin with His name, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful.

Shall I remind myself and us all that our purpose in life is to worship Allah. As He, The Most High had said that He had not created the jinn and mankind unless to worship Him (Q51:56). Hence, whatever we do in life should be towards worshipping Allah (except those in clear cut not categorised as worship). This is why we all cannot just do things the way we like or feel we want to if we believe that we have Someone to account our actions to and would definitely want our deeds be accepted by Him. Do we remember the hadith of the Prophet peace be upon him, as he warned that whoever innovates  a thing to the affairs of the Deen, that which is not in harmony with the principles of the Deen, that thing will be rejected? (Bukhari 2697).

What gain would there be for us if we had done things in this life and in hereafter, were told that all/many/some of what we did are void of acceptance?

My message today goes to my Muslimahs.

Oh My Muslimahs! Being Muslim women is a blessing from our Lord. He has placed us above those in the state of ignorance and gave us guide on maintaining the status. One of this is where He, ‘Aaza wa Jalla, forbade us from playful display of ourselves and adornments after asking us to guard our chastities (Q24:31). He had ordered us to cover ourselves in a way that we may refrain from displaying ourselves playfully. He had ordered the believing women, a full covering, to make them preserved and reserved (Q33:59). These and more are of the guides for us to follow to lead a life pleasing to Allah as His obedient servants.

My attention had been drawn repeatedly to a trend that we Muslimahs have joined. I’ll call this ‘fashion pose’, where ladies show what they wear in photos or videos, catwalking etc. Why this call became pertinent is the realisation that Muslimahs on full hijab are found joining the trend.
I gave some excuses though. One of which is “seamstresses would want to show their works/products/services to their audience to get more prospects or clients”.

Let me remind us that the basic jurisprudence of an action is its permissibility unless we have clear texts forbidding it.

Hence, since we have directly seen from the Quran, prohibition of playful display, as well as display of adornments, we need to move away from posing playfully before the camera. Just for our Aakhirah safety.

Talking about the displays, this cuts through the general appearance before cam, whose purpose is not defined or  unavoidable. This includes joining the trendy Tiktok or Instagram video trends.

But then, there’s the question of how to show how the wears look. There are different beautiful fashion photography sets to go for. There is the use of hanger in front of a backdrop or laying the cloth beautifully as it will look when worn, on a beautiful backdrop. Beyond the hanger is uisng a mannequin. To use a human model is not entirely prohibited if there is no wanton display and the head/face is cut off, covered out or blurred away.

Let’s endeavour to get ourselves preserved and reserved and  appear only when it’s important and there’s no way else. There are lots of social handles out there with contents and the users do not appear physically in the contents. However, their presences are seen in their contents because they’re great.
Therefore, what we should do is to strive to create great contents. Not necessarily appearing physically in contents.

We sure can do this to seek the pleasure of our Lord.

Your Niqabae Hameeda


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