You tore our sky and rained venomous pours

We inhaled the air which ripped our heart

Spitting blood from the strangulation of our intestines.

Losing limbs to piercing blasts

The earth beneath sprouted thorns you planted

Tearing our soles till we wouldn’t move.

To run is death, to stop is death, to sit is death

We became the living shadow of our corpse.

Your poisoned sword reach our hearts

Our friendly hug couldn’t tie your hands.

Our death; your amusement.

Our children and women; your exploration

Our loud screams and cries became your music

With which you sway away your drunkenness

Using your whip and triggers as volume

The lives you never gave becoming yours to take.

The aid we seek is within sight

The hate you give is His plight

He is all we’ve got; and he’s enough for us.


Behold! The Uprising day

When sky is sown with strength.

And the thorns killed with love



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