Gone are the days;
when Adhan would be made,
while dribbling the ball,
flaunting our step-over skills,
A call to sucess;
we were heedless to,
until satisfaction is done
to the blazing love of the pitch.

Gone are the days;
when we would sleep all night,
caressing our pillow,
like a crying widow
deserting the call of our Lord,
heeding to the whispers of shaytan
depriving us of the huge bounties.

Gone are the days;
when our mouth would leak,
like the round-shaped bowl,
used to sieve away,
the shaft from the grain,
inane slangs, we never ceased to utter,
decadent songs, we couldn’t do without.

Gone are the days;
when we lose daily bounties,
Ramadan, we refuse to fast,
our mouth will grumble vigorously,
that our friends are lured,
to give up theirs,
and to join us in ignorance.

Gone are the days;
when the needy were belittled,
we looked down on them,
staring them like a filth,
we sit faraway from them,
as though they were wild beasts.
as though we were the pure ones.
When infact we were the worst ones.

Gone are the days;
when we were known for no good,
for if there’s social conflict,
we were the ones behind,
we were seen like orphans,
or someone who lost her mother due to the weakness of home, like spider’s web.

Gone are the days;
our lips too heavy,
to praise the Almighty,
rather we feel envious,
of another man’s food,
not knowing, its source is filthy,
Truly, Not all that glitters is gold.

Gone are the days;
our hearts,
are filled with immoral songs,
but repulsive to the
words of the most gracious,
stanzas of music we commit to memory,
few lines of Qur’an, we could not even decipher



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