Mutmainnah Sanni Ololade did not only clear all prizes at the recently-concluded convocation ceremony of the Obafemi Awolowo University, she was declared Best Graduating Student for the academic year. Since I saw the video of that unprecedented glory, my mind had developed a worrying concern – that a lady whose brain was sealed up all through her studentship could make such a phantasmagorical mark. How possible? How rational? How tenable?

I saw in that video, and I watched carefully too how the jilbabic lady marched forward to receive her accolades. Isn’t it ridiculously touted and jestingly trumpeted that hijab is a garment that barricades the brain from functioning properly? So I began to wonder how a brainless person could achieve the feat that could only be actualised by brainy fellows. Could the Senate of the school be under voodoo during collation of results? Or perhaps its members had been bought over by the parents of the lady. Shouldn’t the school be investigated for academic fraud – forgery and perjury? How much was the school offered by the IQ-barren lady? Is the international integrity of OAU not at stake with such a blunder?

A similar case recently happened at the University of Ibadan where one jilbabic Awoyemi Habeebah made a perfect 7.0 CGPA for her Master’s degree. That followed a First Class grade she made to bag her First degree in Anatomy. The school got so hypnotized that the lady who is now on her doctoral degree was offered employment as assistant lecturer. What exactly is becoming of our varsities? Shouldn’t the government see to this anathema before it blows out of control?

The laughable of all is the case of not just a jilbabite this time around but a niqabite bagging a doctorate in Educational Evaluation. How possible? Kafilat Motunrayo Oyaniran, the proprietress of Milestone, Ibadan, Oyo State had a First Class grade in Theatre Arts and was the Best Graduating Student in the year. Wasn’t this another blunder from the University of Ibadan? Although, the lady is an author of books, but she is brainless? Why? Because she uses hijab!

Even commonsense is enough a source of response to the above puzzles. The ladies couldn’t have come out in such amazing flying colours if they weren’t geniuses. And the jilbab on them was no blockade to their brains. It was mere adornment. A command by Allah to the believing girls, ladies and women.

The great feats achieved by our prided sisters – Mutmainnah, Habeebah, Kafilat and a host of others unmentioned – are enough a reason to have a change of thought about hijab. It is just a garment to dignify, not to denegrate them.

If you are a Muslim and you still consider jilbab an unworthy garment (despite the aforementioned narrations), know that there is a knot to be untied in your head and a needle to be surgicalized from your eyes.


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