The BBC released a three-part documentary about TB Joshua titled, “Man of God? Or Predatory Cult Leader?”. The groundbreaking investigation is a chronicle of rape, abuse, torture, forced abortions, and fake miracles performed by TB Joshua. Sadly, people continue to fall prey.

On November 19, 1978, Jim Jones of the People’s Temple led 918 of his followers to commit mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana. The poison was prepared, and all 918 were made to drink from it! Imagine!

We have seen videos of people drinking fuel, eating grass in churches, being conned and impregnated by Shehus in Ibadan… Pastors and some Alfas have more authority over someone’s wife they didn’t pay the bride price for… A full-grown man saying, “Yes, daddy, yes, daddy” to a man that’s not more than 10 years older than him!

If you won’t use this brain, why not just deposit it in a museum? If what will save you from being slaves to ‘men of God’ is believing every man is an ordinary man, so be it. His nakedness is as yours, organs the same. Birthed as you were birthed, eats just like you, and even sleeps and will die.

It is on the premise of this mental slavery in guise of religion that some would agree with the notion that religion is the opium of the masses.

If a Christian is not licking the shoes of a Pastor in the Church, one Muslim is somewhere waiting for the morphing of his Sheikh in the clouds or bows to apparitions. In the name of God, people subject themselves to beating and humiliation.

Sadly, there are those who continue to pray for and idolize TB Joshua despite the documentary and evidence bringing to mind that deceiving people may be easier than setting them free.

Despite the several numbers of Miracle-working ‘Men of God’ in Nigeria, Yinka Ayefele is still in a wheelchair, and Mr. Ibu’s leg has been amputated. Yet you believe these charlatans! Their miracles only work for those we do not know.

Miracles happen, and only God does miracles. When someone begins to advertise miracles, asking you to come for miracles, you have only been invited to a circus, and you will be a part of the cast.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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