The last time I checked, Salafiyyah has nothing to do with dogmatism, repugnance or being ethno-centric. Anyone whose Salafiyyah is associated with these should seek help as soon as possible.

Again, no one is a custodian of knowledge and knowledge is diverse. A professor in a field can be naive in another field. Therefore, asking people to shut up, that they have no right to opinion is absurd, unacceptable and nonsensical when it has nothing to do with passing Fatwa or labelling someone as Kaafir.
In my last article, I stated that writing on or talking about international relations or politics is not just about indepth knowledge of Arabic language, book of Fiqh or Sahih Bukhari. As much as the afore mentioned are needed, one needs to know what’s going on; the facts.
Looking into the “Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt cut ties with Qatar” story does not in anyway mean one is cursing or going against “Muslim leaders”. Again, let us hit the nail on the head and those who disagree can have the facts to argue with.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt have the right to cut ties with whoever they think is a threat to their peaceful existence.

It is indeed laudable that these countries cut ties with a country that welcomes Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Hamas and have ties with Iran. That the same country houses the largest US military base in the Middle East is a subject of discourse in days to come, In shaa Allah. Here we go,

If Saudi Arabia can cut ties with Qatar over terrorism charges, why can she not see the Muslim population needing her to speak for them???
If the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is truly concerned about Muslims as the “self acclaimed salsfists” who are the only custodian of opinion do say, let us see…
* Sisi leads Egypt, Sisi is a puppet of America,

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are allies
* Saudi Arabia and America are allies, America created Israel though the former controls the latter,

Israel is oppressing Palestine while America is a friend to Saudi Arabia

* Sisi of Egypt welcomes Israel, and Saudi Arabia is a friend to Egypt.
The UAE is nothing to write home about. Calling the UAE an Islamic territory cannot be more fallacious. It is everything Western.

I have not written this in defence of Qatar but explaining what we should see; HYPOCRISY. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not have a problem with terrorist attacks affecting the Muslim world so far she is not affected but quick to swing into action when it is about her.
Are the lives of those in Baghdad, Chechnya Kashmir, Baghdad, Kabul, Mosul less important? How can a so called Islamic seat keep quiet when…

Our own people are becoming refugees in other countries, oppressed and molested. Is the Kingdom greater than the lives of thousands of Muslim killed by these oppressors?

I know many of these “you don’t have a right to cast opinion” don’t read. They read the first and last paragraph so read the last paragraph…

If you say “may Allah curse those who oppress Muslims” and these oppressors wine and deem with those you deem sacrosanct, are you not cursing your leaders indirectly?
Of what use is the friendship with these countries when it doesn’t benefit the ‘Ummah in any way, Oppression is on the rise and Non-Muslim countries are even doing the wailing on our behalf.
Oh Allah, your slaves have read how YOU dealt with the companions of the elephant. It is YOU we worship, it is YOU we seek for help not America. Save us from the oppressors. Ameen.
And we are aware that Allah will not change our condition till we change what’s in our hearts; Politics and hypocrisy.

If we are all deliberately blind to what is clear and manifest, freethinkers would be right if they say we are enslaved and colonized with religion.
Argue with the facts…

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman



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