STUDY Duroos allugah Al-Arabiya of Fa Abdur Rahim with some teacher or see the Videos of Asif Mehrali available on

Then follow it with Videos of Fa Abdur Rahim on his two Books :
1. Selections from the Glorious Quran
2. Surat Hujurat ( Lexical & Grammatical Note)

After Completing these Books, read some books in Arabic like Qasas AlNabiyyeen
& Some basic books on Aqeedah of Some Reliable Scholar ( I will recommend Fawzaan).

While reading these books consult the Dictionary Like Hanswehr (Ar-eng) or Misbah-ul-Lugaat (Ar-Ur)
But stick to the same scholar & his books on one Subject only, like Aqeedah.

This will give four Benefits:

1. It will Develop an Understanding of The Arabic Text
2. Development of Vocabulary
3. It is not necessary that after understanding the meaning of the new word you will remember it, but when you will read the books of the same scholar on one Subject only, these new words will be repeated which will make you open the dictionary again for the same word & as a result, the word will be in your memory.
4. YOU will also develop the Understanding of Aqeedah or some other subject you will read.

While studying the books, revise the Duroos with a Book Called Sharh Duroorul Lugah in Arabic (Pdf available on In this book, only grammatical points have been discussed.

After reading some books for a year or two

Study Nahw alwadih
Then following books time after time:

1 .Ajurroomiyah with its Explanation namely Tuhfatus Saniyyah & Hashiyah of Ibn Qasim
2. Qatrun Nada with the Explanation of Shaikh Abdullah Ibn Salih alfawzaan
(تعجيل الندى بشرح قطر الندى)
3. Alfiyah Ibn Malik With The explanation of Shaikh Abdullah Ibn Salih alfawzaan .

(دليل السالك إلى ألفية ابن مالك)
These books are more than enough in Nahw.

In Sarf a person can Study
شذا العرف في فن الصرف
But this book may require a scholar to teach it.
At last, the most important thing is Arabic text & Dictionary
The more you read with continuous usage of Dictionary, the more you will become Strong.

{Some dictionaries (an-nihaayah fee Ghareeb alhadeeth, al-qamoos al-muheet, Maqâyees al-lugah) mentioned by Shaikh Muhammad ibn Saleh al-uthaimeen which are useful in understanding the Arabic language}

Shaikh Uthaimeen Rahimahullah said:

An-nihâyah is of Ibnul atheer, it is a Qamoos (lexicon), but it is not general in all the (Arabic) language, rather in it are those ghareeb words which have came in ahâdeeth i.e, words having difficult meanings, so he compiled the Arabic words with regards to ahâdeeth & explained them.

al-qamoos al-muheet is of Fairozâbâdi, and strangely, this person is a Persian & despite that he compiled a Qamoos in the language of Arabic, & this is from the blessings of the Qur’ân, because Qur’ân is the book of Allah revealed for all the creations, & all the Muslims attach importance to it, & when they will attach importance to it, it necessitates that they will learn the Arabic language.

As for Maqâyees al-lugah of ibn fâris then it is a good book for a student of knowledge because it mentions the root (of a word) & all that which is derived from it so, for example, he will say to you:    (فَرَّج¹) is in the meaning of (نَفَّسَ و أزال الكربة¹) & after that, he will mention all the derivatives (a word derived from the same root) of it, & it is beneficial, & this is why it is named as Maqâyees al-lugah, & it benefits a person with regards to the knowledge of the derivatives of the language & another benefit in it is that plenty of shreds of evidence are present in it from the Arabic poetry.

{Explanation of al-Qawâid al-muthla Page 345-346}
1. Meaning: to remove distress

Also, there is another good & beneficial Arabic – Arabic Dictionary called Mujam alwaseet.

Source: Br. Shabaab bin Ismaeel.


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