In our world of today, we are faced with the challenge of social media challenges and the desperation to trend at the expense of what is ethical, moral, and the preservation of honour and dignity. Our social media space is filled with challenges that normalize acts that are despicable, obnoxious and preposterous that they are not just becoming normalized but also eating deep amongst the religious folks and make access to the social media an invitation to porn, by will or by chance.

This unfortunate and shameful phenomenon cuts across both the old and young. It becomes more difficult to tackle when the elderly ones are as caught up as the youths. How do we tell a father to monitor the children’s activities on Instagram when he is the one kick-starting a challenge or that a mother does the same when she is on twitter as “@yourfavbitch” and doing whatever it takes to be on the top ten trends on Twitter. Who would pipe to the children who, claiming to be woke, are now old dogs that cannot be taught new tricks.

Twitter: Savage Responses, Dragging, G-strings and Hashtags

-Unsolicited trolls from unmerited trollers-

Twitter, the social media platform used to be known as an intellectual hub, is today, a safe haven for irresponsible and mannerless youths who display their full potential to curse, insult and disparage anyone after making sure they are not followed by family members who would call them to order. The irony is that they claim their lives belong to them but when they run into trouble due to defamation of character or a threat to life, they run to the same family members that ‘deprive’ them of their ‘freedoms’. On Twitter, no one is mannerless or disrespectful, he only ‘dragged’ his victim.

In the same vein, home training is lost on that street because the savage you’re, the more popular you become. It’s even becoming worrisome as these set of “savage tribes” are being selected as Twitter influencers. You get to wonder what an empty-headed being will be influencing if not, mannerlessness. It further leaves your mouth agape in horror when these people go for people old enough to birth them using repulsive languages simply because they do not agree with the said victim on a particular tread

One of the very many unfortunate hashtags on twitter is the g-string trend. The g-string is a type of women underwear. The evil that has befallen the world is so serious that a woman may be naked wearing just a tiny piece of clothing to cover her private parts but we cannot say she is naked, she is merely contributing to the fun. And you must be a pervert, archaic, and barbaric to have frowned at it.”Are you an angel”, they would ask.


Instagram: Where The Piper Calls The Tune

Given how the female gender display their headlights and belfies, one could have thought this would be the priority of the feminists, but, the men are to be for his own flaws and that of the woman’s. The paradox of campaigning against a man’s world while going naked for the man’s pleasure following the deceit that her body is a work of art that needs to be flaunted and displayed not knowing that she would sell more in a museum than on Instagram.

It is said that on Instagram, some MEN would go live on their accounts while young women come on camera, oiled up, to twerk, their chesticles and their vertical smile in full glare, displayed like Bobotie of South-Africa. Were Juliet’s body of a thriftless worth, Paris need not die for her and Romeo would have no need to be daggered.

This display of nudity on Instagram is alarming. These young ladies are offered not more than $50 to carry out these evil actions. Some are children of notable personalities in the society who have everything lined with gold. Yet, they partake in this evil all in the name of catching fun. Worse is, Nigerians are involved in staggering numbers that would drop from Thor’s hand, his hammer due to shock. One day, these would be the wives, mothers, and grandmothers of some people but we shouldn’t ‘judge’.

Similarly, there are some religious folks on WhatsApp who make jest of themselves. Is it not folly that a woman makes a video in her room wearing a pant and bra, posts it, and claims modesty because she doesn’t wear it outside? Warped-minded!


How God Created…

For the unaware, a person who claims to be ‘woke’ religious or irreligious may appear or sound smart and intelligent but in the real sense is far from it as they are not critical thinkers. It is surprising how the one who claims to be an intellectual buy into any challenge on the intent. Out of arrogance, the one who does not partake in these challenges is accused of ‘forming’ maturity, dumb, uninformed, and ‘judgemental’ if he admonishes.

From an Islamic perspective, the “How God Created” challenge has no basis in Islam and contravenes the pristine teachings of Islam. It is not permissible to make a joke out of the attributes and qualities of God. There are videos all over the internet where different volumes of water indicate the level of qualities as in love, beauty, wisdom, etc. God gave to specific genders, places, etc.

God is the creator of all that exists and in no religious text did He say he has given a certain amount of some of the qualities mentioned earlier to people of a particular gender or geographical location. It is supposed that whoever partakes in the ‘How God Created” challenge believes in God, therefore, it is up to him/her to provide a shred of evidence for what he attributes to God.

As for the one who argues that it is mere fun and anyone who criticizes it is ignorant or stupid, e refute this by saying, “it takes a man of low IQ to limit himself to peddling lies against God in the name fun of the very many ways available to spark humour”.

This is a contemporary phenomenon birthed by the advent of social media. It will get worse because porn just got bigger. However, any soul hoping to meet his Lord should beware and shun these contemporary vices.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman (Know Islam –



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