1. As I was saying before being rudely interrupted by my coffee break, those Hausa Muslims preaching the Gospel of separation of religion from politics do so in order to be able to play without the barriers Islam placed around them. But even more funny is the fact that without Islam, the Hausa man is nothing. About 50% of his language dies without Islam, rendering the language unintelligible. As a matter of fact, things as simple as identifying the seven days of the week becomes impossible.

Another funny point of note is that without Islam, the Hausa man looses the name of politics in his language.

As if the above isn’t funny enough, any Muslim who knows Islam knows that putting Islam aside, especially consciously in your affairs is a form of disbelief. Yet, even as he puts Islam aside, if you call him a disbeliever, he will let all hell loose.

When he puts Islam aside, he looses all the respect and praiseworthy attributes that glows from his being. When he talks is as though a lost thug speaks, yet he is dressed in very expensive attire, smelling stupendously beautiful, but Allah takes away his blessings from him, just as he took himself consciously from the state of Islam.

Even the best of his works turns into objects of ridicule to him. He sponsors hundreds of students to gain knowledge, a very beautiful and commendable act even in the presence of Allah, but because he chose to abandon Allah, Allah abandons him and the students he chose to educate behave as if they are a bunch of he goats who accidentally ate a whole hectare of land containing cannabis sativa.

We are not perfect, and can never be. But we must struggle to bring out the best in us according to the teachings of our religion. Let it be that when we slip and fall, it is not intentional.


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