“Nigeria has a lot of problems regarding extremist groups and music can be used to bring peace to the country” – Sterling Tilley.




It is no news that our today is controlled by the West. They are in control of our thought process. They tell us what is right and what they perceive to be wrong and impose it on us, directly or indirectly.

The West preaches to us against slavery but will not apologize for the hundreds of years they enslaved, exploited, dominated, oppressed and destroyed Africa. The Western philosophers tell us about Ethics and conduct when the Western society is bereft of Morality.

When it says Democracy ( Teacher don teach us nonsense), we say Yes, no polygyny, Yes Sir! Yes to Homosexuality! we buy it and it threatens us till we would totally accept it. Incest, Bestiality, ‘shooters’, gun policy are some of the many problems the West is facing but more than half a century, the West, though took her flag, still pokes her noise in Africa’s business and thinks she is in a position to tell us what is right and what is not.


Music is not an antidote to extremism in the North, rather, a vice for mental colonization

Sterling D. Tilley, a United States of America’s diplomat said Northern Nigeria has problems of extremism and Music could be used to bring peace to the region. Tilley said,

“We have a lot of problems here in Nigeria, with regards to extremist
groups, particularly in the North-East and the best way to break the
logjam between the communities out there would be through music.

“In the Nigerian environment, everyone loves music. So if you are
surrounded by that love of music, you cannot feel the need to hurt


It is obvious that this man does not understand Nigeria, or the problem in the North-East or it is another attempt to ‘totally corrupt the region’. I wonder, what has music gotten to do with the problem of extremism? Are we organizing a rap battle between Abubakar Shekau and Abu Musab al-Barnawi? Would ISIS and Boko Haraam collaborate to come sing for the family of the victims of their terrorist activities?

It is my hope that this article gets to Sterling Tilley. He should let us know where and when in history, music had been used to combat evil of this sort.

I wonder how music could not be used to prevent WWI and WWII. Was music not in existence during Hitler’s era that it wasn’t used to bring peace between him and the Jews? Pretty sure the Freemasons would not even allow that. They needed a Hitler to use, the same who was on his own power thirsty. So badly used that, at the end of the day, the world was presented with an Hitler who was irrationally prejudiced against the Jews, a psychopath who would have no reason for his actions. Terribly used to bring himself to his own destruction. We have to believe “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” was a forgery but what we have in the document seem to be our reality today.

The document contains he text includes generalizationstruisms, and platitudes on how to take over the world: take control of the media and the financial institutions, change the traditional social order, is anything far from these today?

Tilley said “We have a lot of problems here in Nigeria, with regards to extremist
groups, particularly in the North-East and the best way to break the logjam between the communities out there would be through music”. What was he thinking? Does he think the terrorists are spoilt American brats who run into shops killing people?

What was the role of Music during the enslavement and underdevelopment of Africa? When people were treated and used like animals. What differentiates these extremists from people who rape, plunder, enslave, kill and dominate people. If music did not solve the problem from the latter, would it for the former?

Tilley was alive when America invaded Iraq in 2003. Properties were destroyed, people were killed, the great Michael Jackson couldn’t even sing to convince the blood-thirsty wolves that Iraq had no weapon of mass destruction. Even if he sang, he would only convince them if he voiced blood the hungry wolves could drink and enough flesh, for them to consume. What concerns businessmen who are into arms trade with music? Would it give them power and enough dollars?

Are we gong to start singing for the Syrians now? Perhaps music would bring peace to that country. Can we call on Chris Brown, Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake, Lil wayne and others to sing in the ears of the Zionists to stop the occupation of the land of the Palestinians. Who would sing and tell the oppressors that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel?

If Tilley’s claim of music bringing peace is true, shall we not sing all the way to India to give peace to Kashmir and to China for peace to the Uyghur Muslims? Same for Sudan, Libya and Egypt.

Is America lacking musicians that would tell her that poking her nose in other countries’ businesses is the major cause of unrest in the world?  Tilley’s idea is far from the reality!


Music today is a vice; has no value

In our world of today, Music has no value. Rather, it is vice controlling the though process of people, a tool of conditioning and mental colonization. The Media and Music today have immensely contributed to the problems of the world.

Few weeks ago, I made a comment on Amnesty International’s call for the eradication of the Capital Punishment. For me, we should rather focus more on fighting crimes that attract capital punishment. Focusing more on the eradicating the punishment is like giving the criminals a go ahead. Unfortunately, whatever the West says, we buy.

Today, nudity has eaten deep into our society. Women are desperate to go naked. The private parts of women are no longer gold to men. We see naked women on the streets, in the market, on the TV etc. A society that has sexualized women says rape is on the increase, blames men so much, and spends more dollars to sexualize women.

Today, we see naked women in almost all music videos. Total nudity, pants only, bikinis, tiny flowers on their vagina and the nipples, all over. However, the men in these videos are many times fully clothed. It is rare to see a naked man or a man in pants compared to women.

Music today is not a tool that brings peace but evil. Weed, drugs are not far from our musicians and their music videos. We have songs glorifying weeds and drugs all over the internet.

Last year, I watched some guys on the TV dancing to Nigeria Jagajaga by Eedris Abdulkareem. While the musician was highlighting Nigeria’s problem, the same Nigerians were dancing to the beat.

Who would imagine that in the Nigerian society, old and young would speak openly about masturbation, dance to it and spread everywhere. Naira Marley’s “Soapy” was a ‘hit. Old and young, male and female now demonstrate masturbation in public – fingers cupped, hand jerking back and forth, bouncing like rabbits. The evil we see today.

The evil of Music today is such that if you ask a stop a woman and tell her to dance for you, she would probably give you a slap. However, if you stand in an open place and stand to sing,

” Baby, whine for me…

come twerk for real

This your ass baby

‘s driving me crazy”

Trust me, a lady will come, obey you and do everything you say.

The Nigerian government should build more schools in the North, make access to quality education easier, solidify the security. We pray for peace in the North and the destruction of the terrorists and their supporters.

{@tastelessGents tweeted, “Just imagine in 20 years, rap songs are gonna be about how mum used to sell nudes and private snap just to get by}

In 2018, There were 336 mass shootings in the US in 2018  and in 2019, we already have 289 mass shootings, the USA needs music for peace not Nigeria.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman