Background info: The new curriculum merged Civic Education, IRS, CRK and Social Studies into “Religion and National Values”.

Each is separately taught and Christians don’t offer IRS while Muslims don’t CRS except they choose to.

Also, French and Arabic were introduced as subjects, students are expected to choose one of these foreign languages.

Muslims’ Reaction: Relegating religion into themes in another subject is not the best thing to do.

Religious study is important in the moral well being of Nigerians.

CAN’s Reaction: This is a plot to Islamise Nigeria, forcing Christians to offer Islamic Arabic study is unacceptable.

The old curriculum should be brought back.

FFK: How can anyone describe Nigeria as free when Christian studies (CRK) is removed from the curriculum & Islamic Arabic studies is compulsory?

Johnson Suleman: “This is a well orchestrated and articulated plot. Let nobody try to fool Nigerians that it was a mistake or a coincidence. Why is it that CRK would be removed as a subject to be studied from the secondary school school curriculum while Islamic/Arabic studies is retained? This is a plan from hell and it shall not stand”.

He blamed Islamist agenda for the new curriculum, Fulani herdsmen killings and October 1 ultimatum given to Igbos living in the North of the country to vacate by a northern youth group.

The sad reality of Christianity in Nigeria is that Christian leaders are struggling for attention.

Their followers are lovers of people like Dbanj, Davido who sing about their private part and the private parts of young women.

How do you compete with that?

The only way to get their followers attention is scream blue murder – Muslims are coming to Islamise the country.

Christianity in Nigeria is about somebody else pursuing you.

On an individual level if it’s not your parents that is hindering your progress its somebody from your village.

On a collective level, it is Islam and Muslims that wants to take away their Christianity.

What they never do is take responsibility, they are always passing blames about.

These people do not have religion, at best they are materialists who have sold their souls to the devil, so they can afford the best cars and fly around the world in private jets.

These people do not care about CRK, they are only scared of Islam because Islam is a threat to their sinful lifestyles .

Making Arabic, the language of the Qur’an, a core subject is what is freaking them out.

The knowledge of Arabic would most definitely aid the Muslims in the understanding of Islam and that scares them.

They would rather prefer that more Muslims are like Boko Haram so they can blackmail and blame the rest of us for their actions. They would prefer that more Muslims are serial fornicators like FFK and renowned adulterers like Johnson Suleman.

I believe that there are millions of good and reasonable Christians in the country who do not think that their parents, relatives in the village and Muslims are pursuing them and trying to hinder their progress in life. It’s our prayer that soon these group of Christians find their voice and start speaking for Christians and Christianity.

These morally compromised criminals should not be the spokespersons for Christians.

Igho Hakeem Ohwojeheri


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