The gang up against polygamy and the indoctrination of elites against it is what is baffling to social scientists. Wives have been brainwashed to see polygamy as evil whereas its black market version is accepted and allowed to thrive unabated.

Women have also come to accept the indignity that comes with being labelled a side chick than a co-wife. And we all pretend as if unlawful polygamy is not booming and blossoming in high torrents. Only God knows the kind of billions that is being used to sustain illicit affairs globally. Of course polygamy comes with its own challenges so also illicit relationships. 

If only we can be more truthful and practical to ourselves we know that side chick syndrome is so common with humanity coupled with a deliberate culture of making some women object of public pleasure and withdrawing their interest away from marriage.

This no doubt represents a neo-liberal conspiracy against elites women which further makes them develop aversion to marriage let alone polygamy. The rat race for mercantile culture which embraces luxury over productivity and creates a lazy citizenry also makes a lot of women to look up to the rich but elderly as a source of income. Rather than become second wife she will be happy to remain a mistress.

The refusal to embrace polygamy has created a fertile black market where women are used and dumped. And the elites especially women like it that way. Rather than bring her as second wife,the wife at home prefers her husband to date as many as there are outside, provided she isn’t going to witness the orgy. And this thinking adds to the confusion. The husband then goes gaga and in their naivity, they are practising monogamy. A man is legally married to one woman but keeps and maintains a harem outside and he foolishly convince himself that he is a monogamist. 

When it comes to marriage, I have never seen a more deceitful practice save for this generation. We pretend that monogamy is common when in actual fact, the polygamy we all despise is virtually been practised by so many under the carpet. Let the confusion continues since we are never truthful to ourselves. It is exciting too that women are complaining that they need to have boyfriends too just like the husband having mistresses. And we say let the confusion becomes louder.



Next time you are being asked, how many wives do you have? Have the courage to say one wife and two girlfriends and we will know that you are a polygamist masquerading as a monogamist.


Credit: Prof. Yusuf Dankofa


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