Why are they always mad each time they see you with beard?
Why are they always disturb when they see you putting on the correct Hijaab/Niqab?

Why is your sunnatic trouser their problem?
Why are they always sad each time you create a barrier between your deen and their own?
Let reason together brethren,
Is that not the same beard Wole Soyinka has that has given him more popularity?
People still meet him with smiling face without raising issue against his beard.

Our sisters are feeling shy of putting on the correct Hijaab/ because the society is not encouraging it,
Many endup using a small scarf to acquire a certain benefit in the society. Those who forced them to put on this type of scarf knew that the Hijaab has nothing to do with their job negatively, but because of the hatred they have for Islaam, they will try all they could to stop you from using the correct Hijaab/Niqab. However, a nun is free to use her Head cover.

Why is your Nifsu sak their problem?
Is that not the same style of trouser Michael Jackson used for years?
Why is he not a terrorist?

You don’t need to suffer a brain damage because of my trouser, this is how the Prophet (pbuh) has told me to be.

The Prophet (pbuh) said: “The disbelievers will never be satisfy with you till you give up your religion to them” (Saheeh)

Certainly, Our Islam is what they hate and not our appearance!!!

Hold firmly to your deen for “this world is a prison for the believers and a paradise for the disbelievers”


Am Proud To be A Muslim…

May Allah make us die as a Muslim. #Aameen


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