An objective analysis of Christian doctrines would certainly lead to only one conclusion; they are both irrational and contradict the teachings of Jesus. It is sufficient to know that during the years immediately following Jesus’ ascension to Heaven, none of his followers considered him other than a Prophet of God.

Original message of Jesus and other prophets before him was believing in the oneness of God and worshipping none besides him.


Monotheism is the foremost and most important obligation as well as the criterion by which deeds may be considered valid and acceptable, We find that all Prophets began calling their peoples by preaching it first:

“Worship Allah; you have no other god but him” – Quran 7:65

“We sent a messenger among every people saying ‘Worship Allah and avoid false dieties'” – Quran 16:36

“We sent no messenger before you without revealing to him: There is no god but Me, so worship Me.” – Quran 21:25


It is clear therefore that Islam which means total submission to the will of God was the same religion preached by all God’s prophets and messengers of God, from Adam to Muhammad (Peace be upon them).


Islam teaches that a Muslim must believe in all God’s prophets and messenger and must not make any distinction whatsoever between them.


Islamically, Those who follow the guidance of Allah and worshipped Allah alone without associating any false dieties beside Him are considered Muslims and they will be admitted into Paradise in the hereafter.

Alhamdulilahi, Allah has chosen us to be among those who follow Allah’s guidance through the noble Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH).


May Allah accept it as an act of Ibadah….Ameen.


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