In the last article I wrote, I stated that I might write again this December if something important comes up. As much as I wanted to keep to my not writing till January, I think nothing could be more important to write about than the hypocrisy, bigotry and double standards of Christians as regards the #IstandwithFirdaus drama.


There is a well circulated claim championed by CAN, bought and sold for free by lots of Christians. They do claim that President Muhammadu Buhari is an Islamic fundamentalist and they have not stopped crying against the supposed attempt to Islamize Nigeria. Without giving thanks to Politics and hatred for Islam, they see the president as the heir of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and made him a scholar. Do they not even call the war against BIAFRA an attempt to exterminate Christians?


I cannot help to imagine how they think when the issue of sister Firdaus that was not called to Bar started. Many of them saw sister Firdaus as an extremist and a religious fanatic. They made reference to the daughter of the president who removed her Hijab citing her as an example of a peaceful, tolerant and a Muslim per excellence. The emphasis is not on the daughter of the president but the president himself and I begin to wonder how the president who is seen as a fundamentalist, fanatic and a frontier of Islamic propagation in Nigeria would condone taking off hijab just to be called to Bar! This is the same way one attains the position of an Islamic scholar and a devout Muslim if he goes to kill in the West without taking into cognizance to what level is his devotion to following the Qur’an and Sunnah.


It was not too long ago that we read about the case of Hijab in Osun State. When the heat was intense, Christians also decided to put on what represents their religion. I cannot help but to laugh when I came across a picture of some students putting on Sutana ( a type of gown mostly worn by celestial churches). They wore this to tell the Muslims that we are not the only one eligible to ask for freedom to practise our religion when we have never hindered them from practicing theirs. I was a Christian and went to a Secondary school owned by a Christian even Primary School.


The likes of Balikis in our class dared not buy the S.O.P! The Muslims were not left out when it comes to praise and worship songs, prayers and saying Amen in Jesus name, they were not even exempted from buying beret. I am now beginning to wonder how these students used to make it to jumm’ah when we close by 1PM on Friday not to even mention that we have the Friday praise and worship from 12pm-12:50pm yet they do not exempt Muslim students. Even in public schools, we see more of Christianization but they cry like the world is meant for them alone.


The students that wore Sutana to school have stopped but Muslims students are still putting on the hijab. Christians who know little or nothing about Islam think we are retarded and repugnant that they think anything makes us angry. The brain that makes them think the sight of pigs make us angry inspired putting on their traditional/religious dresses, posting it on social media then say if Muslims are allowed to have the hijab on to their Call to Bar ceremony, they will dress that way too.


So, I ask, “Can they survive without Islam/Muslims?”. The constitution says there are fundamental human rights and freedom of religion is not an exemption. Do I care if you go to school or a ceremony with your cross on your neck, offering box on your head or just simply wear obatala shrine? A law that grants us fundamental human rights cannot disrespect, infringe or trample on the right! The federal government should recognize the law it has given us, wear your religious garments anywhere, :” We know who go tire”




This morning, I wanted to write a rebuttal to a Muslim who wrote that sister Firdaus was just seeking attention then went on to make some disparaging comments. Personally, I pray that Allah continues to guide sister Firdaus, increase her in taqwa and make it easy for her to submit totally to the will of Allah till death. Ameen. I also read several comments from some Muslims against the sister. I will make a collective rebuttal by explaining what this sister did for us.


Sister Firdaus indeed called the attention of the world to how we muslims are treated like second class citizens in our own country. if they are not yanking off or pulling your niqob, they are not calling you to bar because of your hijab, making you inferior for growing beards and tagging you a terrorist for not dragging your trousers! We Muslims are not refugees in Nigeria and we cannot be treated like one. How long do we have to beg to practise our religion?


Sister Firdaus called our attention to the fact that we have been silent for too long. Silence is indeed golden but it does not apply to all occurrences. Despite our differences, majority of us decided to talk and it was effective. Non-muslims cannot continue to tell our own story, it was in this vein that we set up Maybe we will control what the media says about Islam, school our own children etc in the nearest future!


Many Muslims today misinterpret the Quran verse that says, “Lakum deenukum waliyadeen”. While this verse teaches religious tolerance at its climax, practicing your religion and let others practice theirs, some Muslims have taken it to mean compromise. Someone asked, “But all Muslims that were called to Bar in previous years, they go in without Hijab?”


Sister Firdaus’ action tells us we cannot settle for less in some aspects, aspects that would make a Muslim being seen as extremists and liberals seen as devout Muslims. AlhamduliLlah, some of our sisters that removed their hijab are now writing against their needing to remove their hijab stating that they were forced to compromise and feel bad that they are been used to argue against sister Firdaus. This is an era of change, we really need to stick to the Qur’an and Sunnah based on the understanding of the pious predecessors and desist from discarding some aspects of the deen that would earn practicing muslims the extremist tag.


That said, December is here, Christmas is near, if you are a Muslim hoping to celebrate this christmas, please save your money, spend it wisely, Sadaqah is an option. Muslims who do not celebrate Christmas can only be called fanatics because there are some Muslims who celebrate it. For how long do you want to misrepresent Islam and deface practicing Muslims? Sister Firdaus started this, let us follow. we can practise our religion in peace without romancing non-muslims and not being unjust to them. They want to celebrate the birthday of the son of God and the Qur’an makes it clear that Allah beget not neither was He begotten!


We need to wake up! In practicing our religion is respect for other religions, defining and living by our differences. Muslim parents also need to wake up. Your sons cannot club, draw tattoos, celebrate Christmas, walk around without hijab, abandon Solat without you worrying but when they say they are no longer Muslims, you start to hunt them (if many really care about their children being Muslims). If you cannot “force” them to Jannah, would you rather romance them to Jahannam?


In Shaa Allah, we will discuss this sister Firdaus’ issue till there is a conclusion, welcome counter-arguments that would be met with constant rebuttals! For how long are we going to be Muslims without Islam? Indeed, “Alla will not change the condition of a people till they change what is in their hearts”


#Islamfirst #Noislamnoparadise #Istandwithfirdaus #Stopdiscriminationagainsthijab #Icovermyheadnotmybrain


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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