One point of agreement conspicuous in the western publications concerning Islam and in the books written by Christian apologist about Islam is that Muslims are extremely ignorant, most of the Muslims do not know how to read and write, and that non of the Muslim people have contributed positively to the world and that there is not a muslim name among the scientist who made a reputation in science or through out the years covering the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


Most of those western sources make a narrow-minded diagnosis, alleging that the Islamic religion is an impediment to progress, while others reach the ungrounded conclusion that it is this ignorance that blindfolds Muslims from the greatness of Christianity and hampers them from accepting Christianity despite all the efforts of the Christian missionaries.


A retrospective look into history will reveal that the truth is quite counter to the Christian allegations. For Islam always commends knowledge and encourages Muslim to learn, Allah said in the glorious Quran


Say, “Are those who know equal to those who do not know?” Only they will remember [who are] people of understanding.

Quran 39:9


Below are two out of the commandments of Prophet Muhammad (saw) on knowledge…

“seeking knowledge is compulsory for Muslim men and Muslim women”


“Even if knowledge is far way from you, go and look for it” 


Islam holds knowledge equal with worshipping, and the ink used by scholars equal with the blood of Muslims. Muslims reject Christianity because the Islamic religion is much more logical and much more true than Christianity.


From the earliest days of Islam great value was attached to men of knowledge, the Muslim Arabs reached the highest summit in mathematics, physics, history, astronomy, chemistry geography engineering, literature, and social sciences, which are the bases for all those sciences, educated valuable scholars, experts and masters who are still being remembered with deep reference today and became the teachers of the entire world.


Moreover, a number of scientific terms used in European languages today are of Arabic origin e.g “chemistry” from “Kemya”, “algebra” from “Al-jebir”. For it was the Muslim Arabs who taught this sciences to the world.

Muslims are not ignorant, as they had contributed greatly to the development of the universe and we are still contributing and we will continue to contribute till yaumal kiyam (the end of the world).



Bashir Habeebullahi


Credit to: Huseyn Hilmi


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