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Fourteen hundred years have passed since the revelation of the Holy Qur’an, and
to date this challenge hasn’t been met. No one has ever proven the reality of God to differ
from the Islamic understanding.


Furthermore, no one has proven the teachings of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad to conflict. In fact, many have suggested the exact opposite—that these three prophets firmly support one another. As a result, many sincere nuns, priests, ministers and rabbis—educated clergy who know their respective religions best—have embraced Islam.

During the lifetime of Muhammad, a Christian monk of Syria named Bahira  claimed to have recognized him as the final prophet when he was a small boy, decades prior to his first revelation. 21 Waraqah ibn Nawfal, the old, blind Christian cousin of Khadija (Muhammad’s first wife) swore, “By Him in whose hand is the soul of
Waraqah, you (Muhammad) are the prophet of this nation and the great Namus (the angel
of revelation—i.e., angel Gabriel) has come to you—the one who came to Moses. And
you will be denied (by your people) and they will harm you, and they will expel you and
they will fight you and if I were to live to see that day I would help Allah’s religion with
a great effort.”


In the early days of Islam, when the Muslims were weak and oppressed, the
religion was embraced by such seekers of truth as Salman Farsi, a Persian Christian who
was directed by his mentor, a Christian monk, to seek the arrival of the final prophet in … Click here to continue reading


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