The Street Evangelist I said to have met some days ago gave me a surprise call yesterday and said he would like to visit me. I didn’t hesitate to tell him he’s welcomed. His wanting to visit might have been due to restlessness I had put him into during our previous encounter, I assumed.

He came as promised, we exchanged pleasantries and then started to talk about salvation.

I started with a freestyle telling him the monotheistic belief of Muslims. We believe in all messengers of God but we do not worship any. No prophet either in the Bible nor the Quran commanded people to worship him. Each messenger was sent to spread the message of ‘ONE GOD’. We Muslims face the same direction while worshipping God, in one pure language giving us a unifying mode of worship.

I proceeded to tell him about the Bible. I asked, “where did God said he revealed the Bible in the Bible? “… NOWHERE was the answer. Okay, can you show me the word ” Bible ” in the Bible??… NO, was the answer then I asked ” If God never said he revealed the Bible, if the word ‘Bible’ can’t be found in the Bible, then on whose authority are you going about telling everyone that the Bible is the word of God?”…SILENCE was the answer I got.

The Bible is just a collection of books written by different people, some known, some unknown, that is why the Bible consists of Words of God, historians, devil, trees, animals impregnated with contradictions, anachronisms, discrepancies, errors, plagiarism and absurdities!.

After the freestyle, I asked him to ask questions which I will try my best to answer.


He asked, “if Jesus is not our Lord and saviour, who then is the messiah promised to the Jews?”

ANSWER: The messiah God promised the Jews is Jesus. One important thing to note is that God promised the ISRAELITES a messiah not THE WHOLE OF MANKIND. In Matthew 15:24,Jesus said he was sent ONLY TO THE LOST SHEEP OF ISRAEL!. Jesus never claimed to be our Lord and saviour. In isiah 43 :10-13, God said there’s no God before him neither will there be any after him, He’s the LORD, there’s no SAVIOUR except HIM. so if we call Jesus our Lord and saviour, then he’s fake, a counterfeit moreover, if Noah wasn’t righteous when God wanted to destroy the whole world, who would Jesus come to die for? Noah should have been called a saviour of humanity, not Jesus however both are messengers and there’s no saviour except God.


He (after being satisfied with the answer) said, thank you very much and asked “If I claim Jesus isn’t God, explain John 1 :1 and why did Jesus said he and his Father are one.

ANSWER : that John 1 :1 is misunderstood is the fault of KJV and other fraudulent translators of the Bible. The Bible you (the Evangelist) brought the other day, the NWT, translated it thus ; In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was a god. In the Greek text, the word (logos) was with God (Thontheon) and the word was a god (HOTHEOS). this same HOTHEOS was used for devil in 2Corinthians 4:4 being the god of this world. If HOTHEOS was translated as god in 2Corinthians 4:4,why was it translated as God in John 1 :1. PURE FRAUD.

That Jesus claimed to be one with the father does not mean he’s equal to the father in His majesty. In John 14:28,Jesus said the father is greater than him. If we are to believe that Jesus is God because he said he and his father are one, then it will amount to polytheism and a paradox respectively to believe jesus is God and yet the father is greater than him. The right interpretation of this verse is that, Jesus and his father are one in PURPOSE NOT ONE IN PERSON. Jesus came to do the will of his father. He worshiped God. We should worship who Jesus worshipped not Jesus

If Jesus were God, the devil could have known , it is preposterous, irrational and illogical to think that the devil being aware of the Godship of Jesus christ, decided to test him. Devil asked Jesus to bow down to him and Jesus said, it is written, the Lord, your God Alone should you worship (la ilaha illa Allah) Wasn’t Jesus aware that he is God?? How many Christians are bowing to God? Did Jesus observed his own praise and worship the way Christians do nowadays??

Jesus said in John 17 :3, “This is Eternal life that you may know the only true God and Jesus whom he has SENT!! God promised a messiah not another God..


He interrupted and said,” I am satisfied with the answers so far but am sorry, I would like to ask again, “is there any one who had been given birth to the like the way Jesus was?”.

ANSWER : Since the creation of heaven and earth, there’s no one whose birth is the same as Jesus ( that Mary conceived him being a virgin). As a Muslim, the Quran tells me that whenever God intends a thing, he says BE AND IT IS. A miracle is something spectacular and if a miracle occurs in the same manner often and often, it ceases to be a miracle.

Adam was caused to exist having no father and mother, this is a miracle and islamically, no one has the privilege of having such existence again except him, we were all born. This is an outstanding Miracle.

In the Bible, it is recorded that ENOCH WALKED WITH GOD AND HE WAS NOT!, Enoch is the first and last person to have been NOT without dying. moses parted the Red Sea, he was the first and the last to part a sea in such manner. Elijah went to heaven with a chariot of fire, he was the first and the last to go to heaven in such manner.

So, if people are created having no father and mother, if people walk with God and and they are NOT , if people part seas as they wish, if people go to heaven with chariot of fire anyhow, if people are given birth being virgins, these wouldn’t be regarded as miracles anymore but natural phenomenon. He interrupted me after being satisfied with the answer and asked another question but I would like to round up the answer in this report.

For certain prophets are certain miracles, all these miracles are done by God and it’s not a yardstick to elevate a prophet over the other. Different prophets, different miracles.


He said, I learnt that Muslims call Jesus the son of a prostitute(astagafirrlah). He asked “could you tell me your perception about Jesus and kindly explain John 3:16?.

ANSWER : it is unfortunate that you have mistaken Muslims for Jews. It is the Jews who do not believe and accept Jesus. They are the one who call his mother a whore (Astagafirrlah). In Islam, we revere Jesus and the Quran regarded his mother to be the most blessed woman to have lived.

John 3:16… Yeah, to have eternal life you must believe in Jesus so as not to perish. He quickly asked “but sir, you are a Muslim”. I continued, in Islam we believe in all messengers of God which includes Adam, Abraham, moses, Isaac, Jacob, David, Jesus, Muhammed (PBUT). so as not to perish and have ever lasting life, you must believe in them and a careful study of the lives of this prophets show that they worshipped God. Prophet Muhammed (saw) the seal of all the messengers was sent to the whole of mankind and taught us to submit the the will of God, hence, Muslim means someone who submits to the will of God.

He said, “I am glad that you are able to answer these questions, pardon me because I would like to ask, why is it that anywhere there’s fighting, chaos, it’s always Muslims e.g boko haram.

I Answered : firstly, you should know that Arabic is a language not a religion and secondly, note that, you don’t judge the majority by the minority. If I happen to be a non Muslim and I slap you, shout Allahu Akbar, then run away. If you wanna make a report, you may say Muslim man slapped you, isn’t it?. I searched Lord’s revival army on Google then gave him to read then I proceeded. We have over 1 billion Muslims across the globe, why would you judge us all by a group of people who aren’t up to 100,000.why not judge Islam by the Muslims in lagos state? Better still, am here before you, took you to my place, answering you intellectually, if Islam says kill and get rewarded, I could have killed you in my room! Moreover, if Quran says kill, kill, and kill, do you think we are going to have 1 billion Muslims that incudes millions of learned people?

Look at boko haram, they are carrying out their inhumane and barbaric activities in the North where Muslims are mostly populated, killed over 13 Islamic leaders, bombed mosque. Since the North is a Muslim populated territory, if they (boko shit) have killed 20,000 northerners so far, there is a tendency that 12,000 Muslims are included!…. And let me ask you sir, do you think this people are preaching Islam?…. He said, “I don’t think so”

I remember, when he asked me if we believe in Jesus, I started with a song…….

I love Jesus

I love Jesus

He’s my friend

He’s a prophet

I will NEVER worship him

I will never worship him

He’s a prophet

He’s my friend…

He promised to come back as soon as he could. I pray Allah guides him to the right path. may Allah grant us knowledge and understanding.

La ilaha illa Allah wa-Muhammad rasul Allah.

May we not go astray… Asalamu alaykum waramothula wabarakathu


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