When injustice becomes incessant, Resistance becomes our duty;


Injustice never rules forever;


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere;


Injustice against any gender, religion, individual, tribe, race, colour or language is a social impairment and therefore has to be corrected in social attitudes and behaviour;


Injustice in the end produces hatred;


Anyone that has hand in the injustice of #ImamAmzat should remember “Kulu nafsin zaaa’iqatul mawt” meaning “Indeed, Every soul shall taste death” – Quran 3:185;




Not long ago, Imam Amzat and five others were butchered to death. This is a threat to humanity;


We are in the 21st century where injustice should not be allow as a means of justification;


If justice can be for one, justice should be for all;


The media is known for downplaying the murder of Islamic clerics while no effort is made by the government to address the issue not to talk of bringing the culprits to book;


We seek that culprits are brought! we need justice;


We should not watch injustice go on for so long before we say and do something, To speak and fight against it;


Should we fold our hands and look while we (Muslims) are getting killed?


It is our duty as Muslims to protect other Muslims, just as injury to one is an injury to all.


We Muslims need to wake up. We neeed justice.





Watch video of the gruesome murder below;


Warning: This video is horrible, don’t watch if you don’t have the bile.






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