As-salaam ‘alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuhu,

As part of our mission to tell the Muslim story, the KnowIslam Projects is glad to announce that we are creating a database for Islamic Schools in and Iʿtikāf centres in Nigeria. The database will be available to the public on our website, www.kno

We have always received reports of Islamophobia, de-Islamization, and unfairness towards Muslim students in many non-Christian schools. Muslim Children are forced to sing lyrics other than the Qur’an, to sing praises of any other than Allah on assembly grounds, and sometimes, mandated to participate in unislamic school-established religious activities.

Iʿtikāf Centres

During Ramadan, Muslims who are new to their areas find it challenging to locate Iʿtikāf centres around them. We hope to make finding Masjids for Iʿtikāf easier with our project. The names of the schools and Iʿtikāf centres will be available on our website,

What to do


To register your school in our database, you are to provide us with the following information:

School name
Detailed address
Website (if any)
School fees
Essential subjects
Boarding facilities (if boarding)
Other facilities.


Kindly provide the following information to register your Iʿtikāf centre in our database

Detail address
Masjid capacity.
Masjid facilities
Resumption date
Meal provision if any.
Items required

Send the required information to [email protected]. You can reach us on WhatsApp:
KnowIslam: +971583028214

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman: +234 701 577 9491
Hafsah: +234 902 180 0574

We will charge a token for schools that want to register their names after August. Till then, it is free.


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