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August 11, 2017 Articles On Islam 0

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In the previous three episodes, I have been able to establish the fact that any meeting or coming together between the families of the two intending couple under the guise of introduction is a mere familiarization visit which neither confers any legality on the relationship between the duo, nor the right to parade themselves as a couple. The only way to legalize the relationship is by conducting the proper ‘aqd as explained in the previous posts.

Thus, even with all the gifts in cash and kind that are presented to the family of the would-be bride at the introduction ceremony, the duo are still not recognized by the Shari’ah as a couple and hence do not have the right to privacy and sexual intimacy. As soon as the proper ‘offer and acceptance’ has been done as, the groom can now enjoy his wife sexually.

Therefore, I implore the Ulamaa who are usually invited to officiate the so-called introduction ceremonies to admonish and advise the parents of the intending couples appropriately on why they should go beyond mere familiarization to conducting the proper ‘aqd in order to legalize the relationship between their wards.

Today, many of our Muslim sisters have been impregnated by their ‘boyfriends’ after the introduction ceremony because they think that they have become husbands and wives. And even those who are lucky not to become pregnant are indulging in fornication out of ignorance.

Furthermore, many parents (especially the parents of the would-be bride) who do not understand Islam properly usually stand in the way of the couples who wish to have the proper ‘aqd done, citing various flimsy excuses. It should be known that the Waleemah (wedding feast) can still take place much later even after the bride had conceived or given birth.

Stop legalizing fornication among the Muslim youths! It’s shameful and ridiculous. Conduct the proper ‘aqd and let them enjoy each other in a halaal manner.




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